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Until Next Time

I find myself thinking of little else the last couple of days than the retreat last weekend, looking for any reference to it in blogs or on Ravelry or MenWhoKnit.

Leaving You With This
One of the best detailed accounts of the event came from Paddy. His recounting of the retreat gives both an account of what happened, as well as a sense about what made it special. My favorite picture is of Alan smiling so broadly. Since Alan is a wonderfully reserved and quiet guy, his expression is priceless.

I know it would be difficult to write about yourself without sounding completely arrogant and self-centered, but I would have loved to read Paddy’s assessment of himself at the event. He is the kind of guy that garners immediate respect because of his ease with being around other people and how personable he is. He turned out to be another very important component of the success of the weekend.

I guess we had 32 of those components, and I just keep focusing on the most recent one in memory.

As I’ve written to a few guys from the weekend, I’m counting the days till we do it again.

Current Knitting

Yes, I tinked back what seemed like dozens of rows (it was probably 4…but it is lace fergodsake), and with some time to focus last night, I finally finished the second half of the center of the Ichida lace table runner.

Ichida2 05-23-08

Here’s a bit of a detail picture.

Ichida2 05-23-08 Close

Now I have to graft/kitchener stitch the two pieces together, pick up the appropriate number of stitches and begin the first border section of the piece.

It’s back to “favored status” for this project now that I’ve fixed all my errors.

Book Desires
Two of the guys received the book, Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters as a doorprize at the retreat:

Knitting Old Way

The books were generously donated by Nomad Press, and I was thinking that if Ted wanted this book, it must have something of value. I would love to read what others think of this book who own it, or have seen it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Lisa writes, “Please share more! Including more of what Thaddeus thinks about the weekend. Asides about him always slay me :).”

Thaddeus is so over hearing about this past weekend. He and I give each other time limits for discussing our various passions in public. If we’re with other people, and I’m discussing knitting or he’s discussing mushrooms or his 1983 Mercedes 240D for more than about five minutes, we try and cut the other person off to prevent everyone on the planet thinking we’re as boring as river silt.

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  1. agree with you about paddy’s retelling of the retreat.

    and so many upcoming weddings (throwing confetti around the room)…congratulations to all who are about to profess their love openly and honestly.

    of course, joe, you never take a bad photo! you are so NOT fat!

  2. Hi Joe,

    I have the original version of “Knitting in the Old Way,” which included tips for spinning (I don’t believe the new version included those). It’s a wonderful book, and it’s more of an EZ book in that you’re encouraged to be a thinking knitter rather than a blind follower.

  3. I have this edition of “Knitting in the Old Way” so it doesn’t include the spinning stuff (which apparently is another book…High Whorling?) Anyway, it’s not a pattern book as such. It’s more of a concept or design book. There are something like 15 basic outlines for sweaters with schematics and brief history and percentages, and then a bunch of more detailed patterns.

    A truly useful book for designing your own sweaters with an ethnic feel. There is a sweater design in there that is perking in the back of my brain based on one of those at the moment, and I double checked the gansey that I’m doing right now with the book to make sure I had some of the proportions correct.

  4. David and I each have copies of KitOW – first edition for him and second for me. It was one of the earliest books in my knitting library and I think it’s invaluable as a reference to different types of traditional sweater constructions melded with EZ’s proportional system for calculating stitches. I’d definitely include it on an “essentials” book list.

  5. Your Ichida is looking great. Please don’t take it on any plane trips! Your retreat sounds like it was a magical time. How rare and wonderful for all of you.I hope you can all do it again next year πŸ™‚

  6. Time limits sound like a great system. I’ll have to try it on my husband next time he starts talking about Halo. Your lace looks great!

  7. It is such a unique and rare experience to find yourself in a community of knidred spirits. It is as if you have found the few people in the world who not only speak your language but comprehend it the same way you do. Truly a blessing when it happens.


  8. I just got Knitting in the Old Way and I am reading it cover to cover. It is going to be one of those references that get used over and over. Techniques and design strategies – good stuff.

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