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With most of my focus on the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, I’ve had a few things building up in the queue.

Fiber To Scarf Exchange
One of Ted’s other projects (where DOES he find the time?) has been a Fiber to Scarf exchange. He basically got a group of spinners/knitters to agree to send him some roving and in exchange, get someone else’s roving and make them a scarf from it.

I stupidly ignored the intimidation factor of spinning someone else’s fiber and then making something creative in the form of a scarf…I ignored it at least until the fiber arrived, and then I was like, “shit…what can I make with this?”.

It was even more intimidating not knowing which of Ted’s extremely competent readers/friends I was spinning/knitting for.

It was even more intimidating when, I found out it was for Kate…someone who’s been around on-line knitting forums forever, and also works and instructs and designs for a yarn store.

Oh well, now that it’s over, I can share with you the full story. Read about it here.

Current Knitting
I have been working diligently on the Ichida lace project. I grafted together the two center sections, and picked up a bazillion stitches around the outside.

Ichida2 05-25-08

Over the weekend, I was able to complete up to round 14 out of 64. It takes a while to do each round since there are now over 800 stitches on the needles.

Ichida2 05-26-08

One nice aspect of the border sections is that the repeats are short and easy to remember without constantly referring to the graph.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks everyone for the information on Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters. Now I realize I have to own it as well.

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  1. the scarf exchange story is great. I love the resulting yarn and the scarf pattern.

    The lace is also looking wonderful.

  2. aw, shucks. i feel the same way about you.

    i have both Ichida books, too, but haven’t even begun to choose a first project from either.

    did you ever hear anything about the project you left on the plane?

  3. Your Ichida is looking wonderful! I’m impressed with your grafting prowess and I can’t wait to see this puppy blocked!

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