London Beanie Leftovers

More Random Leftovers

Here are some additional activities that have been wandering about looking for a proper blog posting.

Canadian Sweets
In addition to having my favorite peanut butter, Canada also has some good candies we don’t have down here in the states.

Thanks to both Barb and Ted, I was the happy recipient of two of Canada’s candy options unavailable here in the states.

Canadian Candies


Barb asked Ted to be her mule and transport both Smarties (M&M-like candies) and Wine Gums. She sure knows how to make a man happy.

Also, Sean at Woolcott & Co sent along this nice gift along with my yarn purchase.

Soak Gift

The product is Soak and is specifically for handwashed yarns and knitted items. I can’t wait to try it out on my next sweater soak.

Current Knitting
I finished another two rounds on the inner border of the Ichida lace project. I’m now officially up to 1,000 stitches per round. I’m hopeful to get a lot done this weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it.

I anticipate the next picture you see of this garment will be the one where it’s blocking.

Current Spinning
Here’s what happen when you take your two spinning wheels with spun fibers on the bobbins to a fiber retreat where there are guys that want to learn how to spin.

Walinpawpack 05-18-08

This is both the tussah/cashmere spinning and the Black Bunny fibers laceweight I’ve been working on with some other attempts at spinning random fibers on top of them.

Sometime this week, I will unravel all the new growth and recommence spinning at least one of these projects.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kate of scarf exchange fame writes, “did you ever hear anything about the project you left on the plane?”

I spoke with a number of folks at the airline and one nice woman there actually looked through everything for my project and was able to confirm it definitely wasn’t there. She was very helpful and apologetic, which is quite unusual for U.S. Airways at Philadelphia airport. I have mentioned before that I will re-knit this project, as it is probably my favorite in the two Ichida books.

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  1. You may want to talk to US Airways at the baggage center in Pittsburgh. That is where all lost items eventually are sent.

    I have had experience with this issue many times.

    Last year, I lost a bag of knitting in September and it was finally found in December.
    Will look for and email you the info for the center.

  2. I’m sorry to hear your knitting project is still “Lost” but I’m sure the next time you go to knit that one, it will be even more beautiful than the last. As for all that beginner spinning, be content in the knowledge that you have infected others with the spinning virus!

  3. Jane’s right about infecting other people with spinning. Scott, who was at MSKR (he’s on a work term at Easton) went to Mass Sheep and Wool last weekend and bought a wheel.

  4. So, now I want to know: if you don’t have those 2 mainstays of the junk food diet, do you at least have Caramilk bars?

    There is a saying out there “each one teach one”….but I always think of it as spreading the obsession.
    Barb B.

  5. If you can find an old fashioned candy store you may be able to find wine gums in the US. I worked for a chocolate maker and at their stand in the local farmer’s market they sold wine gums. My hubby loves them, they must be a guy candy. Anyhow, check your candy stands at your local flea markets and farmer’s markets.

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