Hate Brain Bleed


In many ways I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent, but there are some days where I question whether I’m just too stupid to realize how stupid I am.

Running Errands
Recently, I’ve decided that I wanted to learn how to sew. I’ve purchased a few sewing patterns and my first attempt at sewing a garment is also for one of the first things I tried knitting…men’s underwear. I’ve finished most of the sewing of a large pair of boxer shorts and needed to purchase some elastic for the waistband. I also wanted a few other things at the sewing shop, including t-pins to block the Ichida lace.

I purchased everything I needed and then got back to the hotel, only to realize I hadn’t purchased anywhere near enough pins to block the lace. Oh well…the official blocking will have to wait for this weekend.

Current Knitting
With the forty pins I did purchase, I pinned out one half of the lace project, but not all the outer loops.

Ichida2 06-19-08

Through the magic of photo massaging software, I can kind of show you the full garment…even with only 40 pins.

Ichida2 06-19-08 - Doubled

New Project
I’ve decided to make myself a pullover vest, using some Rowan Felted Tweed in a beautiful red color. I started to swatch.

Felted Tweed Red Swatch

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the gauge, so I have to wait to get home and re-start my swatch in a smaller needle.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fiberqat asks, “So will you do the Ichida dance for Mel and David next weekend?”

I would be glad to, but I won’t be able to do it in person. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make the wedding…but that won’t stop me from doing a dance in their honor…right?

Kathy writes, “Any Great Big Sea (and the lovely whiskey-voiced Alan Doyle) or Rick Mercer fan knows it’s pronounced NewfoundLAND.”

Actually, it’s pronounced noofinLAND by most of the Newfies I know. That’s why it’s even worse that I misspelled it.

Regarding the Ichida lace, Andrea writes, “But that picture of you holding the piece gives me a whole new appreciation for the scale of the project. I mean, my god it’s huge! And that’s what it looks like *before* blocking. Now I am frankly amazed you got it done before Labor Day!”

Thanks for writing that…it felt wonderful to feel understood.

0 comments on “Scatterbrained

  1. Well, of course it’s pronounced noofinLAND, Joe.
    I assumed anyone would get the front part right.
    It’s putting acCENT on the right SylLAble that’s
    the tricky Newfoundlandish part.
    Don’t be such a sook.

  2. ‘Somewhat intelligent’? Joe. You’re one very smart guy. An incident of flighty behavior every so often doesn’t take away from the smarts! Just an off day.

    The lace is of course gorgeous, and I love the red of that felted tweed!

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