Ichida2 06-20-08 Tip

QueerJoe’s Red Phase

I didn’t notice it until this weekend, but everything I’m making these days seems to be red.

Scarlet Knight
I guess I am a graduate of Rutgers College and the school colors are red and black and white (I know…garish), but after my current knitting project, I plan on working with any other color than red for a while.

Current Knitting
Thanks to Jane (AKA Lacefreak), I decided to use wires and pins to block my Ichida lace project. Here are some pictures of it while it blocked.

Ichida2 06-20-08 Tip

Ichida2 06-20-08 Edge

This last picture is the piece completed and lying over the end of the guest bed.

Ichida2 06-20-08 Done

Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

New Project
I decided to do a pullover vest with the red Rowan Felted Tweed (color Rage…not technically red?), and I opted to use the stitch pattern from the sock pattern in Kristen Spurkland’s book, The Knitting Man(ual). I’ve finished about nine inches on the back and I’m loving the drape and hand of the fabric. The yarn is very nice.


Here’s a more detailed photo that will hopefully show the pattern a little (god, I wish I could take photos like Jared)

Pullover Vest 06-22-08 Close

For those that knit lace, I’m sure you’ll agree that progress on a sweater seems to go MUCH more quickly.

I’ll discuss the other red projects I’m working on in my next post.

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  1. The trick to get photos like that is to go really close, chose a very flat angle and large aperture. That means you have a very narrow stripe of actual in focus picture and lots of slightly blurry space which makes the in focus parts really stand out.
    Also you need to light your object, i.e. not use the flash but another light source, like a desk light or something similar. If you feel fancy you can build a lightbox and use colored paper as a background.
    But look at Jareds pictures and you’ll notice how little is actually in focus and how much is kind of blurry, also see how much light and shadows there are, that’s what draws the eye in giving it something to focus on πŸ˜‰

  2. Breathtaking lace.

    Love Felted Tweed, too. I worship at the altar of Rowan.

    I do hope you’ll update us on the status of your millinery-knit hat that you are making for your admission to the Red Hat Society. That is one of the other red things you are working on, no?

  3. Your lace is absolutely gorgeous! And you did a marvelous job. You should be quite proud. I’m liking the vest too. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. I’m happy with the way your lace turned out, too! What a treat to see that beautiful piece of work. An inspiration, kiddo!

  5. The lace is stunning. I’m extremely impressed that you worked on it while traveling and by how quickly you completed it. Working from a chart is a very slow process for me and I’d screw up for sure if I tried to haul it around with me.
    It is truly beautiful.

  6. I’ll just echo what your other fans said…the lace is exquisite!

    The lace shawl that I’m knitting for my friend’s birthday is currently being frogged about an inch. Good thing we aren’t able to get together in the next few weeks.

    Your knitting is inspiring…

  7. Your Ichida has blocked out beautifully. Great idea to use the twisted stitch used in a vest, I’m on my second pair of those socks from The Knitting Man(ual). Your vest will look great.

  8. Astounding. What are the finished measurements? And how many T-pins do you now own? I have a box with more than 200 of them. One can never have too many.

    You do red like I do purple. Maybe we should swap. I’ll do a red project. Oh wait, my last one was reddish. Never mind.

  9. You must knit very quickly! – I had no idea it was going to be so huge, it’s just gorgeous. Do you miss working on it, now that it’s done? I think it would feel like parting with a good friend!

  10. Your lace work is fabulous! What an outstanding job you did. I love the color and I think your ability to concentrate on lace while traveling is amazing.

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