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Blogging and Training…

…at the same time.

Yes, I am delivering a training (of sorts) and have time in between questions to write a little to keep my blog readers amused.

Or maybe, I wrote this at midnight last night on my own time and I just changed the date of publication…I’ll leave speculation up to you.

I also get to check Ravelry through the day. Did everyone know there’s a big brouhaha on the Herbert Niebling Ravelry forum?

Yes…it’s all VERY exciting…it has to do with copyright, and an octopus named Fleegle and moderators of the Yahoo Group for Nieblings. I will never understand how folks can get so riled up about something as beautiful as lace knitting. Especially when it competes for attention with my latest finished object.

Despite the fact that I don’t know all the particulars (and don’t really care) I have definitely chosen a side in this issue…in my mind, it’s clear that a couple of folks are crazy and the rest aren’t.

Current Knitting
I’ve done about five more inches of the Rowan Felted Tweed pullover vest and I am loving the yarn, loving the pattern stitch and loving the resulting fabric.

Pullover Vest 06-25-08

I had to include the tape measure in the picture to prove that I made some progress. And to make it easier for my metric-oriented readers, here’s another picture.

Pullover Vest 06-25-08 Metric

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the the Ichida lace project, Marilyn writes, “What are the finished measurements? And how many T-pins do you now own? I have a box with more than 200 of them.”

The length of the piece is about 68 inches and the width is about 38 inches at its widest. I now own a total of 110 T-pins and a boatload more round-headed pins.

Maureen asks, “Do you miss working on it, now that it’s done? I think it would feel like parting with a good friend!”

I enjoyed working on it a lot, but I don’t miss it at all. It’s actually quite refreshing to be working on US4 needles for the moment, but I will definitely be starting a new lace project soon.

0 comments on “Blogging and Training…

  1. you make doing what you do look so easy. it’s one of the things i admire about you. your knitting is fabu as usual! the color, the texture, and your discipline…

  2. On the forum dither: well said. I agree I’m not sure what all the kerfluffle is over but I’m glad that it’s been essentially put to sleep. If one had the beef with the other, she could have taken it privately and not have the whole forum suffer.

    Very nice fabric on the Felted Tweed.

  3. Why is it that the word “Neiblings” brings a Wagnerian opera to mind?

    I had enough nonsensical flame-o-ramas back in the ’90s on the old Knit List. Granted, I caused a few. But who gives a flying f*ck when these people splatter their spew all over a forum or a list? Zzzzzzz.

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