QJoe 07-20-08

Back From Vacation

Had the week off last week, but now I’m back to work.

Blog and Knitting Vacation
First of all, I don’t like announcing upcoming vacations anymore because the spammers search for that word and try to spam my comments while I’m gone. Second, this latest vacation has been the first time that I’ve checked to see if anyone would notice that I hadn’t posted for a week.

Here’s the traditional picture of me, tanned and relaxed upon our return from a week at the beach in Martha’s Vineyard.

QJoe 07-20-08

Current Knitting
I took the entire week off from any kind of fiber pursuit. It actually turned out to be a nice break.

I did start a new lace project after I got home.

Foret Lace 07-20-08

This is the Promenade dans le Fôret pattern by Ichida that I attempted a while ago…you remember…the one I left on the plane when it was almost complete. This time I’m doing it in Angel Face by Briar Rose Fiber. It’s a laceweight alpaca and I’m doing it on US3 needles.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my question about the pronunciation of the main character’s name in the P.D. James mysteries, M-H asks, “Do you not have these series on TV?”

Not that I’m aware of, and even if we did, they would be drowned out by Project Runway, Shear Genius and American Idol.

Mel expressed the following about the boxer shorts I sewed for Thaddeus, “I hope Thaddeus at least gave you a private viewing of those boxers.”

He certainly did…in fact he wears them around the house quite often as pajamas.

Leslie asks, “So… when are you going to mention the “Retirement Counter” — or did I miss it in my old age?”

I put a counter on the blog to track my time until retirement (for those who hadn’t noticed). I didn’t really think it required any special notice…it was more for me to keep my goal in mind.

Finally, Marilyn writes, “But how do you like the Felted Tweed? I’ve never met a Rowan yarn I didn’t like, at least so far.”

I loved working with it…it’s a little light for a sport weight yarn, but the color and texture are quite rich and the drape of the resulting fabric is delightful.

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  1. ROFL! We have Project Runway on cable (which only about 25% of Australian households pay for), I’ve never heard of Shear Genius, and American Idol is here called – wait for it – Australian Idol. It’s on a free-to-air channel, but I’ve never watched it. If you’d like to see how Dalgliesh is portrayed by two different actors (Roy Marsden and more recently Martin Shaw), you can buy the DVDs at amazon and other places. They are well worth buying.

  2. oh, don’t worry your pretty little head, we noticed. but we didn’t want to call attention to it in case someone tried to break into your house and steal all your fabulous lace.

    how did Nico survive?

    love the new lace.

  3. I noticed — I kept checking Marilyn’s blog to see if she mentioned anything horrible happening to you.

    Are you going to put a GPS tracking button in your knitting bag for the Ichida this time??

  4. About 10 to 15 years ago in the States on PBS we had a lot of the PD James mysteries if full living color. Adam Dagleish was played by Roy Marsten – tall, good looking man – Canadaian I think. He did a great job and the series was very well done – the same quality as the Inspector Morse series. I imagine you could rent them on Netflex or Blockbuster Internet. Worth the watch. Best – Hester from Alanta

  5. Don’t ever think that we don’t notice, we do, we do. I was hoping vacation and not something terrible and so it was. Welcome home.

  6. I noticed also; I figured work had you betwixt and between, too busy to post.

    nice tan, dude!

    PS – my word is “wrmsgag” (worms gag); what does THAT sound like? tee hee!

  7. I love the idea of a retirement counter, but for me it would probably end up being a vacation counter (I have a long time until I am ready for retirement).

    I’m glad that your vacation was so restful! It’s good to have some time off.

  8. I missed you. I kept checking. So there you are. I was going to say something about stroking your ego but we won’t go there.

    Hey, I haven’t seen your ass since last November when James was here. So are we both that f’ing busy? I suggest a pre-October get-together. Did you realize that Rhinebeck is now a mere two months away? And that SOAR is going to be held in the Poconos? Wanna go to that market? Sure you do.

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