Knitted Lace Designs of Herbert Niebling

Lace For Men

A couple of the male lace knitters on Ravelry have been experimenting with lace garments for men.

QueerJoe’s Quandary
I think wearing fine-gauge lace that I made for myself would be great, however, I’m not the kind of guy that can get away with wearing something funky and bold without looking like an incredible geek.

That leaves me with trying to create some intricate lace project in dark, muted colors that would still show off the lace, but also wouldn’t be so bright that folks would gape in astonishment. I also don’t look that great in blacks and browns and beiges.

Anyone know of any laceweight yarns that come in deep, somber shades of blues or reds or purples? I think a nice wide scarf would be perfect.

Current Knitting
Speaking of lace that I couldn’t wear, I have made a lurch in progress on the Promenade dans le Fôret lace project that I started this past weekend.

Foret Lace 07-23-08

The picture sucks because I forgot to bring blocking pins with me to pose the lace appropriately, but I’ve completed 12 more rounds and I’m up to round 58. Each round is already up to 400 stitches and growing.

Also speaking of laces, I decided to subscribe a German knitting magazine called Anna and got my first issue.

Anna August 2008

Unfortunately no interesting lace projects, but it has quite a few interesting knit designs.

Current Spinning
I got back behind the Robin wheel again after a small, unplanned hiatus.

Walinpawpack 07-20-08

I’m almost halfway through this lovely blue spinning project. The singles are quite fine, and I’m looking forward to working with the resulting yarn. If I ever finish.

And I better, because now I have another Black Bunny Fiber product waiting in the wings.

BBF Corriedale Sweet Tart

This is a beautiful batch of corriedale roving dyed in a colorway that Carol calls Sweet Tart…I’m only hoping she didn’t name it after me, but the candy.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding vacation, Carol asks, “How did Nico survive?”

I think this is the third time we’ve left him with our highly qualified pet sitter (actually, she comes to our house once a day to feed and love Nico). I think Nico is getting used to it, and perhaps even enjoying our absence. He was a little more affectionate when we got home, but not totally needy like that last couple of times.

c meir writes, “I can’t tell whether the lace project is green or yellow or in the colorway, but it will go lovely with your new tan!”

Funny you should mention this. On the hank, this yarn looks like an antique gold to me, but when I wound it and starting knitting, it is mostly green with a lot of yellow. Quite vibrant and still rich looking, but even with a tan, I wouldn’t be able to wear this without looking completely jaundiced.

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  1. I think you might like KnitPicks’ new merino/silk laceweight. (not affliated, etc.) There are a lovely dark red and a dark purplish-gray color that my computer showed as cerise and wisteria shades. Was disappointed in the colors, but not the yarn. Maybe I’ll knit something appropriately masculine with those colors and save the apricot-ish skein for myself.

  2. Hmm, I can’t argue with Carol on that one, but Zephyr has some lovely greys and some deep grrens and blues. They also have a wine color that I made a scarf for my husband out of an he really loves.

  3. I happen to know of a fantastic lace yarn dyer- I think you may know her- she has a little black bunny…
    Love your roving color. Mine was named Good n Plenty- though I think she meant Good n Fruity- not quite as much blue as yours, w/ lots of bright pink thrown in there. Can’t wait to see how you spin yours up (and everyone else, for that matter).

  4. Knitpicks actually has some beautiful jewel tones & heathers. One of my favorites is vineyard heather. Just a thought & it's cheap too. Other than that I am always a navy fan ;D

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