Leaf Moth

Creepy Bug

I was about to brush a dead leaf off my screen yesterday, and realized it wasn’t a leaf at all.

Amazing Moths
My investigation into what this creature was allowed me to look at an incredible variety of moths. Here’s another picture showing the scale of this moth to be about 1 inch long.

Leaf Moth 3

I’m pretty sure this is a male blind sphinx moth, although there are enough moths close looking to my example that it’s hard to know for sure (at least for me).

Current Knitting
I cruised along on the latest Ichida lace project, and now I’ve gotten up to the point where I can’t stretch out the entire item again until it’s off the needles (I HATE moving 500 or more stitches to a thread and then back to my needles just so I can take a picture of it).

Foret Lace 07-27-08

I’m already up to round 80 of 142 rounds.

I’m also going to be flying this coming week, so I’ll have to try and rig up some safety line that attaches my project to my belt or something so that I can’t possibly forget it on the airplane.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my comment about PuffTheMagicRabbit’s drum carder, she writes, “The drumcarder is still in it’s box- I’m thinking I may not get to play until school starts- but there is some baby mohair and bunny just waiting for it. Sounds like we need to get you some more fleece…”

Next time I head out to a fiber festival, I will definitely be picking up more fleece to process. I just won’t make the mistake of buying a huge garbage bag full of Cormo fleece which doesn’t work well with a drum card (or hand cards either for that matter). But knowing that Puff has such a lovely piece of fiber equipment still in the box makes me feel much less guilty.

0 comments on “Creepy Bug

  1. this is a moth on steroids…any questions?

    damn, THAT is one huge f-ing moth!

    don’t forget your lace…don’t forget your lace…don’t forget your lace…keep repeating that mantra over and over again…

  2. I found a Luna moth on the front of our house after leaving the porch light on all night. Moths are awesome, there are so many different types and because the come out at night we miss so many of them. I love your blog.

  3. Right after you posted the pic of that moth one turned up on my neighbor’s doorstep. It’s really amazing!

  4. The moth is awesome, the lace even more so. I spotted some of your work on the Men who Knit site and just had to find out more. I’ll browse your prior posts, but if you were so kind as to send me some info, or a ravelry name if you have projects posted there, I would be so grateful. This is some of the most sophisticated lace I’ve ever seen and I’d love to try my hand at it. Cheers –

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