Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel like the guy on the FedEx commercial but I really am busy, busy, busy. So today will be a very short entry.

No time to rant…I don’t follow the Olympics but even I can’t help falling in love with Michael Phelps. What a sweetheart.

Current Knitting
I completed a total of one quarter of one round since I last blogged. See…very busy.

Current Spinning
I was able to finish up the first bobbin of laceweight singles on the BBF roving and start on the second.

Walinpawpack 08-13-08

Readers’ Comments/Questions
TAJBloom writes, “Well, I’m NOT a “cat” person, but for Nico, I would definitely make an exception! Purrrrr!!!!!”

One of the thing I love about this breed of cat, and it is true for both Nico and Gage, is that they’re very dog-like. Both of our cats fetched, barked (kind of), licked and begged at the table for food. Nico is particularly boyish looking as well. You have good taste Tom.

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  1. That spinning looks great. It gave me a dose of guilt- mine from that batch is still sitting partly done and neglected on its wheel. The other wheel gets the 2nd half of the happy corriedale on it today- have you started yours yet? Sweet-Tarts, wasn’t it?

  2. I’m busy, but I’m also not so bright because I’ve been trying to stay up to see the swimming and diving portion of the Olympics. It’s hard to be busy and effective when you’ve gone out of your way to make yourself super tired.

    You are definitely smarter than I.

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