Foret and Nico 08-24-08

Give A Cheer

It’s always been curious to me that despite how much I enjoy knitting, I’m always thrilled when I complete a project.

Almost Anyway
I finished all the knitting for the Promenade dans le Foret lace knitting piece, and it came out quite beautifully (if I do say so myself).

Foret Lace 08-24-08

I usually begin by pinning out my lace dry onto towels and block it out as evenly as possible by adding pins and moving them outward until it’s stretched pretty tight. I then spray it with water to get it completely wet and do the final stretching and blocking.

Two things prevented me from finishing the blocking this past weekend. First of all, Nico insisted on rubbing as much of his cat hair as possible on this fine piece of alpaca lace. When he started digging his claws into it, I had to remove him physically.

Foret and Nico 08-24-08

He always knows when he’s being a devil cat.

The second issue was that I didn’t have a spray bottle that I could use to wet the piece. I ended up just covering the whole thing with a bed sheet and I’ll finish it next weekend when I get home.

Next Knitting Project
Inspired by the color of the Noro sock yarn and a project I saw on Ravelry, I decided to use one of the balls of Kureyon Sock to make the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf (should it be called the Noro Cross Stitch Scarf now?)

I don’t have a picture yet, but I’ll have one in my next posting.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks for all your comments on the man who is uncomfortable hearing about my gay things. It put the whole issue a much larger perspective for me, and I was glad to find it allowed me a lot more tolerance for the man.

I just hope he doesn’t start flaunting his heterosexuality…don’t you hate when they get all in-your-face about their sexual preference?

0 comments on “Give A Cheer

  1. Gorgeous lace – gorgeous cat.

    On behalf of breeders everywhere, I apologize if my marriage to Tom undermines the sanctity of your relationship with Thaddeus. (;

  2. That is amazing lace! I am hoping that when I upgrade to a house (rather than a small condo) that I will be able to have a room with a door that I can do my blocking in. My cat seems compelled to ruin as much knitting as possible, so it would be nice to do a better blocking job with less fear of the consequences.

  3. That is so gorgeous- you should be very proud. Obviously, Nico thinks so. (and that just reminds me of what I have to look forward to when my itty bitty kitty gets strong enough to get into things- yikes).

    Sounds like your mind-set about that particular person’s attitude is right where it needs to be to keep your peace- good for you.

  4. The Devil Cat is flicking his tail–a sure sign that retaliation will follow. Obey the Kitty!

    I have no adequate words to describe the beauty of your work. So I won’t.

  5. Thanks for the input on the Ichida books. I guess I will just have to get them. The lace is BEAUTIFUL! I know just how you feel, I got my Lyra off the needles and bolcked and I am very happy with the way it came out.
    Partnered 33 years and happy about that too! I am an Old Southern Guy (57 yrs, Ky.) So all of us arn’t old farts.


  6. Your lace knitting is just beautiful, Joe. Congratulations on your completed project. As for the gentleman (?) who seems to have an issue with your sexual orientation, remember, it’s HIS problem, not yours. Live well and be happy.

  7. Joe, your lace is gorgeous! Your work is truly inspirational! Someday, when my rambunctious 2 yr old is no longer quite so grabby, I plan to try my hand at lacework. I can only hope it turns out half as beautiful as yours! Can’t wait to see it fully blocked!!

  8. Gorgeous work on the lace! I can’t believe darling Nico would be so naughty!

    So, will there be a tea party to celebrate?

  9. The lacework is absolutely lovely.
    Could we see a closeup once it is blocked?

    Nico posing with that open paw…what a stinker!

  10. Flaunt it Joe, flaunt it everywhere! As brothers, sisters, cousins, co-workers, neighbors and yes, even discussion group members, our lives are worth sharing! The lace is once again, magnificent! These pieces keep getting better and better — can’t wait to see it blocked.

  11. Beauteous piece, bro. I’m impressed. I’ve eschewed fancy lacemaking for the time being because I need some f’ing jackets. I’m anxiously awaiting your next garment project.

    Here’s my theory: Rattle the box of t-pins and the damned cat knows that the lace is on its way. Cleo does what Nico did. And lived to whine about it after I also picked her up, which she hates, and plopped her fat ass elsewhere. But it’s the t-pins, I swear. That’s the thrill for them. Nico’s turned out to be a stunning cat, although as a kitten, he was a sweet young thang.

  12. “I just hope he doesn’t start flaunting his heterosexuality…don’t you hate when they get all in-your-face about their sexual preference?”


  13. That lace is gorgeous!!! I thinkit might even look more fetching with Nico on it!

    I have to say your comment about anyone flaunting their sexuality as annoying made me smile. And it made me think about those days when I was single, and my married friends all seemed to flaunt their situation to me. It stung like a slap and made me feel almost like a failure because I couldn’t find someone. I remembered that very clearly and try very hard not to do that around my single friends or my gay friends. I feel it is so grossly unfair that marriage is not equal and I therefore avoid discussing my spouse in those terms to try in my own small way to be considerate. I know it probably doesn’t matter to most of my friends, but I remember how it made me feel so I try not to flaunt my home situation to anyone.

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