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Striking Fear

The White House cattle prod for the last 8 years to get the American public to do what they wanted to was to instill fear. It has become less and less effective.

Now It’s Back
The Democratic convention has brought fear back to inspire this country.

Fear of four more years of Bush/McCain policy.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m terrified that McCain might actually get elected and continue the downward spiral this country has been on for the last 8 years. So fear is a strong motivating force for me. But I guess I just hoped I’d get to hear a more hopeful message rather than a less fearful one.

I truly think that Obama and Biden can make some urgently necessary changes in this country…I only hope they will.

Current Knitting
I mentioned the new project which is the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf, done using Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.

Noro Cross Stitch 08-27-98

I had forgotten how fun this pattern is to make (once you understand the instructions). It moves along so quickly and I love how it mixes colors. Here’s a close up to show that pattern stitch a little better.

Noro Cross Stitch 08-27-98 Close

I’m not sure if I like how this is mixing the Noro colors, but like most Noro projects, I want to see it completed before I make a decision to rip it all out and make socks.

Wednesday is Flea Market Day!
On a recent trip to the local flea market, I found these two completely bi-polar knitting magazines from the same estate.

Flea Market 08-25-08

On the left is a funky sixties knitting magazine with ghastly color combinations and tightly fitting garments. On the right is an elegant example of Vogue Knitting magazine from 1956. Just to make folks long for the old days a bit more, the Vogue Knitting magazine has something like 80 projects in it…the cover price in case you can’t see it was $.50.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
superik(uh)nits writes, “Well it seems as if Nico has good taste at least. You should do an expirement and see if he’ll lay on something made of acryllic or the such.”

I like this idea. See if I raised my cat to be a fiber snob. I tend to believe he could probably care less what the fiber was. He’d probably roll on a Woolease garter-knit blanket if I was spending time with it like I was the lace. My guess is that he’s more needy than tasteful.

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  1. Possibly, but my cat and my dogs all LOVE alpaca more than wool. and my cat tries to burrow and nest in angora! I do think some of it is a factor of our scent on the garment as we spend time creating it, but my animals are absolutely fiber snobs! All I can say is that I am so glad angora doesn’t felt easily!

    That Vogue Knitting looks delicious! The scarf is looking very striking so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the color progression continue.

  2. Oh, no doubt they’ll play the fear factor for all it’s worth. After all, the Democrat party is running a successful African-American man as a candidate, and just this last weekend on a trip I ran into a whole lot of people who feel personally threatened by the mere sight of a person of color who dares to be more successful than they are. Racism is alive and well, alas.

    Aren’t those vintage knitting books great? I covet books from the 30’s and early 40’s, the golden era of sweaters, and keep an eye on online sources to add to my collection.

  3. Fear mongering on both sides is wrong, but it seems to be the norm this year. I read about a Mccain ad that uses the fear of terrorism. Seems like just more terrorism to me.

    Megan in Cincinnati

  4. I just love the vintage patterns. Even though I rarely do fitted garments, aside from baby sweaters, I like to note the color choices and hair styles. Some of the colors will never appear in nature short of nuclear mutations. I’ve had good luck finding old patterns for afghans and tabletop accessories.

  5. Over the past 35 years, I have owned a number of cats: Buffy, Nikki Sixx, Wintuk (my kids named him that, God knows why because I never knit with it), and Milo. With Cleo the latest and the only female of the crowd.

    Whenever I blocked anything, they all parked their asses on the pieces. I believe that they could smell the animal scent from the sheep or the alpaca. (Back then, I couldn’t afford silk.)

    Nikki and Milo would swipe 100% wool balls from my knitting bag and drag them around the house but never the wool/acrylic blends that I used when the girls were small. Not one cat ever stretched out on cotton or stole a ball, either. So that’s my theory. But not enough to ever force me into using ackril-ick.

  6. the change in fashion is one of the main reasons I have more or less given up knitting garments – apart from classic vests and baby things for my grandchildren. When I remember how much the wool cost, and how dated all those things I knitted in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s now look, I realise that,at my age, I want to be spending my time producing heirlooms. Lace is good – beautiful scarves, and accessories that won’t go out of fashion so much.

  7. It’s the “elitist” label that gets me.

    As a person of color who grew up in a middle-class household whose parents mortgaged the house and went into hock to afford my ivy-league education I identify with both the Obamas. Having been called an “elitist” myself because of my educational experience I simmer whenever I hear that charge being lobbed at Obama. Because whenever a person of color goes and gets their fancy degrees from fancy schools and tries to better themselves they are either “sell-outs” or “elitists.” Never mind where they came from- and never mind that their families probably sacrificed a lot to get them there. I’ll stop now but that one always gets my goat.

    I think people are tired of the politics of fear, and I hope they realize what is at stake. It will be interesting to see what happens during the Republican convention if Hurricane Gustav blows up like they say it will and threatens the Gulf Coast. Might bring back memories of Katrina for many and how the government just left the poor and helpless by the wayside. Not that I wish a hurricane on anyone (I wish it would fizzle out and not hit anyone, but that is likely wishful thinking) but it will be interesting to see the response.

  8. I am proud to tell you my family and I were there to witness Obama’s acceptance speech. What an honor to see history in the making. The only downside–no knitting needles allowed in Mile High stadium! I almost sneaked in some knitting but ran out of time to figure out a suitable spot to hide them in my gigantic handbag.

    Love the Vogue magazine. Fifty cents! You were so lucky to find it. I’ve been trying to find an issue from 1956 FOREVER. That’s the year I was born.

  9. My cat is obsessed with freshly drafted sewing patterns. By the time she finishes with them I sometimes have to start all over again. Loose ends of yarn and the wire from my knitting machine cast-on comb are also fascinating to her.

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