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Labor Day Weekend Indeed

I guess you can’t really call knitting labor…well maybe a labor of love.

Productive Knitting Weekend
I did get a lot done this weekend as you’ll get to see in the photos below.

I finished blocking the Promenade dans le Fôret lace project. It took a long time to block this thing out evenly. As with all lace projects, anytime you move one pin to straighten the line, you have to move dozens and dozens of pins. I love how this project turned out, but honestly, I have no idea what I’ll use it for. It’s a bit small to use as a shawl and it’s too large to be a doily…hmmm.

I also finished the Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf (using the Noro Kureyon Sock). Another project I’m very pleased with. I got a very elegant and long scarf for a mere US$19 cost, plus quite a bit of yarn left over. I will probably use the second ball of yarn with the leftovers from the first to make a pair of socks.

Finally, I also started work on a Manos afghan that was requested by one of my nieces who just started school at my ole Alma Mater, Rutgers University.

Current Knitting
Here are a few pictures of the Promenade dans le Fôret lace project after fully blocking.

All Pins Removed

Foret Lace Done 1

A Close Up of the Corner

Foret Lace Corner

Window Silhouette

Foret Lace Window Best

Center Silhouette

Foret Lace Window Center 2

A Little Perspective…on a Queen Size Bed

Foret Lace Perspective

Here are a few pictures of the Noro/Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf.

The Full Length of 64″

Noro Cross Stitch 08-31-98 Done

A Close Up of the Stitch Pattern

Noro Cross Stitch 08-31-98 Close

Some Perspective With A Tape Dispenser

Noro Cross Stitch 08-31-98 Perspective

Finally, I have finished almost one square of what will probably be a 16 or 20 square afghan made in different colors of Manos del Uruguay yarn (which I totally adore).

Jackie Afghan 08-31-08

Just taking, editing and posting the pictures should be considered labor.

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  1. I’m floored. What a gorgeous piece of lace knitting. I’ve done very little with lace, and nothing even approaching a project of that size and complexity. Someday, perhaps. What you have there is a heirloom of the sort that should be kept in the family and treasured for generations to come, if you’ve an appreciative niece or someone to hand it on to.

  2. The Promenade dans le Fôret lace is the most beautiful piece of knitting I have ever seen. I would wear it as a scarf, as often as I could. Congratulations!

  3. The lace is so beautiful. I love the way it gathers and then disperses, like fog collecting and being blown away. Truly a work of art.

  4. Somehow labor doesn’t seem like as much work as labour. Strange that.

    You can use that gorgeous hunk of lace for a table centre when I come for high tea.

    I like the square, the stitch and the colour.

  5. I am 1/4 of the way through square 35 of 35 for my son’s first-year-in-college afghan. He wanted it big and with the squares 13 X 13, it certainly qualifies. I decided early on that each square should be reversible so that there was no right or wrong side to the blanket. He likes lots of texture. I’ve scoured B.W. knitting treasuries, and borrowed reversible cable patterns from free scarf and afghan patterns on the Web to create the squares. I’m using some of them more than once in the afghan, but more than half are unique. I haven’t yet sewn any of the blocks together and am not even sure what the right technique will be, but I’m getting anxious for this multi-month project ot be over.
    Donna in No. Va. where the heat makes it feel like the middle of summer, rather than the end . . .

  6. Gonna have to make me one of those scarves… but that lace!!! It is so beautiful- awe-inspiring, and simply inspiring- I feel a lace project coming on soon…

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