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European Men

Is it just me, or are European men hotter than American men?

Anna Magazine
The picture above is from my latest issue of Anna – Burda Magazine from Germany. After someone on the Niebling list (not sure if it was Yahoo Group or Ravelry) mentioned that they sometimes republish Niebling designs in current magazines, I thought I’d like to subscribe. Here’s the latest cover.

Anna September 2008

Now, I don’t speak German at all, and even if I they do publish a Niebling design or two, I’ll have to use all the on-line translation resources I have at my disposal to be able to use it.

But for the sweater (and model) above, the subscription was worth it.

Current Knitting
I finished two more blocks on the niece afghan.

Jackie Afghan 09-02-08

I’m enjoying the process of going through stitch dictionaries to pick out various pattern stitches that I think will translate well to Manos del Uruguay yarn. If you’ve ever made one of Judith Shangold afghan’s or throws (I’ve made two of her design called Vineyard Throw), then you’ll know how beautiful Manos afghans and throws turn out.

Only 17 more squares to go.

Actually, since I’m traveling this week and next, I decided to start a different project that’s a bit more portable and doesn’t require quite as much access to my knitting library. I’ll post pictures in my next blog entry.

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  1. You might want to check this out for your subscription — Anna has an English-language edition. I have found it at my local Border’s book store magazine rack. I love the Burda publications. They are worth buying and keeping in any language.

  2. I’ll drool over the Malabrigo instead of the European men, but don’t let me stop anyone else! Maybe that’s why my DH doesn’t mind my yarn infatuation – it is insurance for our relationship.

  3. On that note, would you like a copy of a recent Phildar booklet full of men’s patterns? (Have I asked you this already?) They’re all in French though.

    Burda have brought out a new knitting magazine here but don’t get excited, it’s really blah. I prefer Anna.

  4. I know what you mean, I have two Sandra magazines from about 20 years ago. They are devoted entirely to mens sweaters….what a variety!

  5. All the instructions, i.e. charts are on the inserts. If you want to knit a lace project, look at the no. of the project on the photo, then go to the insert and look for the no. and there are the charts. It takes a little getting used to, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to figure it out. By the way Lacis has republished at least one of the patterns from Niebling. Renate from Michigan born in Germany

  6. Very nice model…

    I just did something in Manos and I love how squishy and cuddly it is. I’ll enjoy watching your niece afghan grow. (more inspiration- will you cut it out already- I’ve got too much to knit as it is!)

  7. i suppose the grass is greener. don’t think european men are hotter than other men. but this one is of course young and gorgeous and maybe only styled to look european.

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