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Ebbs and Flows

Sorry for the sparse, single posting last week, but life just got the better of me.

Back To My Normal
My life is still somewhat frantic, but manageable. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on a 2 or 3 post per week schedule.

I’d like to say that all the flying and driving and traveling I’ve been doing in the last few months has increased my knitting output, but that would be a lie (as you’ll note below in the “Current Knitting” section).

Mostly, I just felt exhausted many of these last days, and wanted nothing more than to go to bed at 9:00 and go comatose for as many hours as I could until I got up the next morning.

Anyway, I’m back.

Current Knitting
Completed some minimal additional work on the Noro Sock…yes…still singular unfortunately.

Noro Sock 09-14-08

I’m quite annoyed to have found a knot in the yarn that screwed up the color gradations. You can see it in the section of the ankle section where the color goes from aqua to almost black with no transition at all.

I also got some more work done on the afghan for my niece.

Jackie Afghan 09-14-08

This is going nice and quickly, and I’m looking forward to seeing the overall result of all these great Manos colors.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my annoyance with some of the stitch patterns in the block afghan, Franklin writes, “It would fascinating to know why some of those patterns tickle your brain and some don’t. Is there ANY commonality you can see to the patterns in either group?”

I think it’s a few different factors. First of all, any pattern that uses frequent “Purl 2 Together To Back of Loop” stitch combinations is annoying. I also don’t like stitch patterns where I’m unable to see how the current row is adding to the stitch pattern. Other than that, no commonalities.

VTKnitBoy asks, “hey, aren’t you the one who posted about obama and called us ‘obamatrons’?! ; )”

Yes, and I still think that a lot of the fervor that put Obama where he is today is similar to the reaction of the conservatives to Palin. Don’t get me wrong, I think there were some folks that looked very closely at Obama and his record before voting for him in the primary, while I think the large majority were bowled over by his well-delivered enthusiasm. I just hope that the Obama fervor people actually decide to vote in November.

Maureen writes, “Here in Australia, voting is compulsory – do you think the electorate is more, or less discerning because of this?”

That’s a fascinating question, and I really don’t know, but even if voters here have to have some rationale for bringing them to the voting booth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are capable of discerning who would be a better president.

Jeff writes, “Wow. Snap judgements abound, Joe. I could probably stand in for that guy by your physical description of him and his luggage. And, according to your assessment, I’m untravelled and going to vote for McCain and Palin…none of which is true. I find your comments about his habitus and luggage a bit much. You seem more intelligent than this. However, it’s your blog, you can judge if you want to…”

I guess you don’t read my blog often. I always make “snap judgements.”[sic] What I was trying to convey about the man, was that he seemed to be the average sort of guy, and I thought some of my initial judgmental thoughts about this man might help to get across my personal biases about him. I judge all the time…anyone that says he doesn’t is just lying…and honestly, I would have described that man in the same way if he had been a fan of Obama. If folks don’t want to read my judgments or get offended by them, they really shouldn’t read QueerJoe…unless they want to…

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  1. Over here in New Zealand our Prime Minister has finally announced the date for our general election, November 8th, so ‘electioneering’ is now fully underway. The comment by Maureen about compulsory voting was interesting… because Australia’s voter turnout as a percentage is lower than New Zealand’s where enrollment to vote is compulsory but not the actual voting. Threatening someone with prosecution if they refuse to vote doesn’t sound very democratic to me, especially if someone felt alienated with a particular political system.

  2. I’ve always voted, even when I didn’t like any of the options. Palin scares the MF bejeezus out of me. What really confuses me is how so many middle- and working-class people can be so staunchly Republican, when the GOP has repeatedly been shown not to give a F$^% about anyone but the rich and unborn.

  3. Canadian elections are so dull. No personal details, no mud-slinging. Just facts and issues and stances.
    Compulsory voting? That would be like lining up to be hauled off to jail, the way things are going around the U.S. these days.

  4. Well, I guess I’ll come out of the closet and tell you why I will not vote Obama. I will not vote for him because he has Marxist ideologies. I guess if you are a fan of Karl Marx, then you wouldn’t care about this statement; however, I read the Communist Manifesto recently and the requirements of an efficient society coincide hand-in-hand to Obama’s political ideology.

    Also, his political and personal associations with socialist activists do not bring me any comfort. It should alarm people when even the media is so swept away that they are not willing to dig deeper and ask more questions.

    While I understand that this comment has no influence on what you vote will be, I thought I would at least give an intellectual reason as to why I’m not voting for Obama. He has given me no reason to believe our society will be better; and as far as I’m concerned, his ideology is just communism made over to sound more contemporary and acceptable in modern day society.

    Amy Scott

  5. oh dear. you reminded me of a frustration I have with the Noro yarn. As much as I love the color, the yarn OFTEN has sections that are verging on split/snagged/knotted.

    What’s the workaround for this? Unravel the whole skein and re-roll while checking for bad spots? It’s annoying that pricey yarn has quality control issues like this, isn’t it?

    I’m glad you’re getting back onto your normal schedule!


  6. I think you did well to post and knit as much as you did last week. If I had to travel half as much you and others whose blogs I read, I think I’d just crawl into bed as soon as I got home and heck with that whole food thing!

    I recently read a NYTimes article on Obama’s economic leanings, and I was pleased to see a more complete understanding of the issues at hand, a willingness to rely on some market factors, and an realization that there is no one item that will magically turn things around for the average American. I appreciate that not every issue and stance can be summed up in a 30 second ad spot. I just wish more Americans did too.

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