Noro Sock 09-16-08

It’s All I Got

If you compare this sock picture with the last one, you’ll see a minimal amount completed.

No Promises
I said I’d be posting blog entries more regularly…I didn’t say I’d have much knitting progress to post about.

Actually, I consider the progress I made quite great since I haven’t had a lot of time to knit and I am not very fast at ribbing…I need to find someone who can show me a more fast/efficient method of switching back and forth between knitting and purling.

Latest SEX
Have I shown you this yet?

Briar Rose Laceweight Dark

You’re going to consider me a pig for getting more, but I just couldn’t resist. Not only that, but I have also asked Carol(Black Bunny Fiber gal) to do some custom dyeing of laceweight for me. The yarn in the picture is Angel Face yarn from Briar Rose Fibers. Chris at Briar Rose was nice enough to custom dye some fine laceweight yarn for me, and I can’t wait to start a man’s lace wrap of some sort that will keep me warm and toasty during the Winter months.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
The ever-intriguing, international reader Ted writes, “By the way, Joe, did you know that we’re having a national election up here in Canada?”

That is fascinating news…I’m shocked all the major networks here in the states haven’t mentioned a word about it. Are you sure? Perhaps I should google this and find out more about it. I love the lead quote on this article.

I love what Amy Scott wrote about not voting for Obama because of his Marxist ideologies. I would love to know how she categorizes McCain’s ideologies. Perhaps after almost eight years of corporate-loving, middle-class hating, imperialistic government rule, a shot of Marxism might be just the ticket.

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  1. Funny, my hard-core GOP dad calls the democrats fascists. He refuses to see the irony.

    What scares me most about Palin as VP is figuring that she is merely a puppet. At least with W we know that Cheney is really the one runnign the country, but if Palin becomes president, who would be running the country then?

  2. I think you got a lot done on your sock. I am one with little time too. and lately very little motivation. I think I may play w my machine once I get unpacked from moving. then I will get bored and do hand on the bus again.

    I don’t judge u on ur politics and I won’t tell u mine. its ur blog and u have the right to write about it..of course. I pefer to keep mine separate..politics can be hairy and I love that knitters are so forgiving and plain nice. so I foster that feeling.

    although I work in NYC _ Midtown and feel the money crunch as my company is going under in less than a months time. I am on the beat again jobhunting..but so are thousands of others..

    thank god for pretty yarn to make us smile!

    ps..where do u flea market at?

  3. Errr, Marxist? Obama? Gosh some US commentators make me laugh. It’s Marxist to look after the poor, the elderly, the disadvantaged? To want a health system that works for its users? to want to make sure that every child gets a decent education even if their parents can’t pay for it? And here’s me thinking that the US wanted the world to give them our tired, our poor, our huddled masses? If the US didn’t want to look after them, what was that about?

  4. There are some of us Canadians who don’t mind being below the radar of Americans. It might be safer. Witness Iraq. πŸ™‚

  5. Canada–America’s hat. Seriously, when I go overseas, I always say I’m Canadian if anybody asks, but I think it’s pathetic the way we as Americans know so little about our neighbors to the north. As for the Marxist remark–they’ll keep repeating it until it sounds “normal,” then the hordes of Ditto Heads will assume it’s true.

    Oh, and I know the words to “O Canada.” Does that make me a Marxist or have I been to too many hockey games?

  6. Hey, Joe – Keep up the good commentary. Living in a VERY Republican state, I am always refreshed to hear viewpoints that reflect the true diversity of the USA. After all, freedom of speech is one of the privileges our foreparents fought and died for. – As to the ribbing question…Have you ever tried holding your yarn the Continental way? I normally do that as it speeds up my ribbing time greatly as it only takes a flick of your finger to switch the yarn back and forth for knit or purl. Once you get used to the rhythm, you can move along practically on autopilot. Hope it helps. Take care. – Joe, in Wyoming

  7. I, too, find continental easier for ribbing. I initially learned it to speed up purling.
    I’ll be interested to see what pattern you choosse for your “man’s lacy wrap.”

  8. I don’t suppose you’d bring that lovely laceweight to Rhinebeck so we could take a closer look? I really do promise to just look, I would never, ever grab it and run…

  9. You don’t knit Continental? I never noticed. That’s the best way to deal with ribbing. I learned to knit using the English method because my mother decided that I was too young (8 years old) to learn Continental. I retaught myself at 32 because ribbing drove me crazy. You can teach an old Mary new tricks, ya know. Give it a shot.

    If Obama is a Marxist, I guess that makes me and a whole lot of other people revolutionaries. They’re more than welcome to think that. Viva la revolution!

  10. I certainly do not agree with the bailouts of AIG and Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac. This gives the government more power to manipulate the market.

    At the same time, it doesn't mean that we should elect someone that would usher in more government control. The government does not have our best interests at heart and we shouldn't rely on Obama or McCain to solve our problems. It takes Congress too, and last time I checked, the Dems have had control of it for the last two years.

    The idea of Marxism is to take control away from the "capitalists" and turns it back to the government. The problem with that is then you take away property rights & intellectual rights (as Marxists deem them extinct anyway). This is the source for the idea of income re-distribution. Obama wants to give everyone a base salary of approximately 36K. The problem with this is that your only changing the number zero to 36K. This will cause rampant inflation because you have 36 times the current money supply in circulation. Inflation will catch up to 36K and then that guaranteed salary will be meaningless. It will not eliminate poverty, but will insure that it continues to exist and may increase the numbers of those who are in poverty. This is just one policy example.

    To answer Joe's question of McCain, I like his position on energy to the extent that we have to figure a way to transition away from oil dependence. We might as well drill our own and invest in alternative technologies in the meantime. These other countries we are purchasing oil from are manipulating the market and do not give 2 cents about the environment. I personally think we can do a cleaner job in oil production than other countries. We can't quit cold turkey because our technologies are not up to speed. Another aspect of this policy is job training for those whose jobs are obsoleted by new energy technology.

    That's one policy I do like. I thought I would at least touch on your question about McCain.

    BTW, love the Noro colorway and the laceweight is gorgeous! Nice deep, rich color.

    Amy Scott

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