Bill OReilly

And The Crowd Turned Ugly

Wow…Anonymous is quite right when she notes that I’m a “hit whore”, but I really had no idea of the uproar my admission would have caused.

Could you imagine what would have happened if I admitted that I found Bill O’Reilly” hot or something?

What I Said

  • I like Sarah Palin.
  • I think she’s smart and well-spoken and opinionated.

What I Didn’t Say

  • I agree with her views on abortion, drilling in ANWR, treatment of gays, sex education and abstinence or Christianity – I don’t.
  • I think she has integrity – I don’t.
  • Sarah Palin would make a great Vice President – She wouldn’t.
  • She’s a good mother – Wouldn’t know…don’t care.
  • I think she’s hot and I’d like to sleep with her – Not even with Enzyte.
  • I want her as a friend – I wouldn’t…although I wouldn’t want her as an enemy either.
  • I have respect for Sarah Palin – I don’t.
  • She’s not mean-spirited – She is.
  • She’s not scary – She is.
  • She’s not a dreadfully vindictive person who refuses to wield her power for personal gains – She is and does.
  • She’s equally as capable as Hillary Clinton – No where near.
  • Palin has any concept of foreign policy – Yeah…uh…no.
  • She’s not a puppet of the McBush presidential campaign – She is.
  • She was vetted well by McBush’s team of idiots – She wasn’t.
  • I had joined the “dark side” – I haven’t.
  • I was going to vote for McBush/Palin – Not ever.
  • I encourage others to vote for McBush/Palin – Not ever ever.

I did find the vehemence against saying anything positive about her quite interesting. I will do everything in my power to persuade folks to vote for Obama/Biden in November, but I can’t imagine that saying something mildly positive about the opponent team is in any way antithetical to that viewpoint. I like what twinsetellen wrote about being able to like someone and still be vehemently opposed to their viewpoints. Is that not possible for folks, or did they just think that by not having negative things to say, that I supported her in any ways specifically unstated?

The readers here are never boring and always showing me interesting aspects of life that I might never have experienced.

Current Knitting
I’m back to work on the Kureyon sock again.

Noro Sock 09-23-08

I finished the first sock, and I like the way it looks on me. The second sock will move along pretty quickly until I hit the ribbing section again.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Just had to note that I loved what a lot of you had to say:

Mel noted Ann Richards is the true strong woman…not Sarah…totally agree…loved Governor Richards.

Julie characterizes Sarah as “Frankly she reminds me of those mean girls in high school who were just slightly slutty.”

Pam wrote a censorship comment that I liked and ended with, “I have never really figured out how to pick when I purl, so I throw. (What an odd sentence!)” – loved that.

Fiberqat cracked me up with “So would throwing from the left hand be Contlish method?” – don’t be trying to say that drunk.

Dear Carol replied to my offensive comparison with “Also, like McCain, you are a big loser!” – from your lips to god’s ears.

Karine comes up with “Moosealini” – ha!

Finally, M-H writes, “Incidentally, there is an election looming in NZ as well as in Canada. I’ll bet you didn’t see that in your news either.”

No, sorry…we don’t get much news from the Scandinavian countries here in the states. I guess I could go to the google and check it out in the interwebs.

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  1. Joe, you are a one. Of course NZ is in the South Pacific, about as far as you can get from Scandinavia. I wonder how many of your readers got the joke?

  2. I have to admit I closed out of your last blog post after reading the first line. I thought perhaps you were drunk or something. Glad to see you just didn’t complete the thought. Such as it was :_)

  3. Heck, there are plenty of people I like who I disagree with too. I certainly didn’t equate your post yesterday for anything like a ringing endorsement for the McCain/Palin ticket. It was an observation, not much more.

    Your Kureyon sock reminds me that I have some Silk Garden Sock sitting in the stash… I think I hear it caling me.

  4. In your post you wrote:

    I like what twinsetellen wrote about being able to like someone and still be vehemently opposed to their viewpoints.

    It’s like she’s in my living room when my husband and I discuss ANYTHING pretty much. He couldn’t be more Republican and I couldn’t be more Democratic in our beliefs and viewpoints, lol. I love him dearly and him me.

    Thanks for your blog. It’s always a treat to read, no matter the content.

  5. I love the shot of good ol’ boy Bill — looks like he just stepped in something nasty. It’s the same look I get on my face when I see or hear good ol’ boy Bill.

    I’m not sure what there is to like about Caribou Barbie… er… Ms. Palin, but to each his own poison, I suppose. She reminds me waaaay too much of the ambitious socialites from high school. The ones it was wise to stay far away from. The ones who could, one minute, put on their angel face in front of the teacher, and the next minute beat you up in the bathroom. Not saying that she was — except that her nickname was allegedly Sara Barracuda, so make of that what you will.

  6. I’ve been trying to figure out just why Sarah Palin annoys me so much (besides the fact that I disagree with her on just about everything) and I think, like some of your other commenters, she reminds me of the popular girls in high school. I keep expecting her to turn to me and say “you know, you could get a boyfriend too if you just used some makeup and got your nose out of that book.” Real mature of me, huh? In grownup terms, though, I think that translates into “you could have what I have if you just played the game my way” and I don’t know what annoys me more, the idea that I should what what she has or the idea that I should play the game a different way.

  7. Mmmmmm Bill-O. Piece of meat…that was left out of the freezer too long.

    I can think of a number of “strong” women who put Palin to shame. Mel was quite right about the late Ann Richards. I admired her enormously and her presence during this tumultuous time is sorely missed. A politician from Texas with brains and charisma. God only knows what she’d have to say these days. I hope she’s entertaining God with her views. I’m sure she is.

  8. Hi, Joe – Great comments on Palin. I figure it’s a sign of just how desperate McCain is to get elected, along with showing how out of touch the Republican pundits really are with the way American women think. – Anyhow, on the Continental purling…the video was okay but the one that shows a “variant” is more in line with how I do the stitch: I find the “wrap and pull through” version is much faster for me. Although I sometimes use the “hold down” method if it works better for decreasing and such. Like you, I find holding the yarn down and flicking it over too tiring. Best thing I can recommend is to try working out what is most comfortable for you. Best of luck. Joe, in Wyoming.

  9. hee-hee. I knew the sh*t would hit the fan after you wrote what you wrote yesterday, AND put a big-mouthed picture of her in that post. πŸ™‚ I’m almost at the point where I duck my head when I see her ginormous smile in a photo. (I’m mostly jealous. I have a small mouth with less than perfect teeth.)

    But anyway, you never cease to surprise us either. It’s nice to know we can come here for the occasional, but trusty dash of Contrary Spice. πŸ™‚

  10. “No, sorry…we don’t get much news from the Scandinavian countries here in the states.” made me laugh first thing in the morning. Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Glad to give you a chuckle, Joe.

    My family is comprised of moderate to staunch Republicans. It’s too bad some folks saw your comments as a switchover to more conservative ideals.

  12. Well I was taken aback a bit when I read your comments on Sarah Palin. I had confidence that you weren’t going to vote for her though.

    I never doubted you though! Haha

    I guess I was concerned because I like her too, in a Roseanne kind of way. She seems like a hoot and fun to be around. I just don’t want her anywhere near the White House and I don’t want anyone to be goaded into voting for her.

    It’s very tricky, dont you see?



  13. To Kate’s point. Man, I would love to see the op-ed pieces that Molly Ivins would have come up with on Sarah.

    And, Joe, thank you for the clarification. I got it the first time around, but I just can’t see past Sarah’s politics to her “qualities.” All I see is a red haze.

  14. I knew you weren’t coming out of the closet for Palin; and come on, you know your hot for Bill. I, on the other hand, would rather eat a rotted fish carcass. Bill can’t be more tasty than a stinking bloated carp.

    BTW, I love your blog and read it whenever I can. I have a lot of respect for you and think you are quite talented and entertaining.

    Amy Scott

  15. Joseph: Check out the Washington Post website and spend a few moments with Katie Couric and Sarah Barracuda Palin…most delicious! You can hear her IQ sn-a-a-a-pppp-ing as she fumbles for … conversation? Sigh. The perfect pleasure….

  16. I agree that you can like a person and not agree with them. That is why I rarely talk about politics, it is not that we don’t agree it is that we don’t listen. Thanks for your thoughts.

  17. When I wrote on last post I considered asking you if you only like her personae and not what she stands for. But I understand what you mean, though for some reason in her case I can’t separate the two.

    Anyhow I did not come up with Moosealini, I read it on and apparently Keith Olberman uses it too.

  18. you are a riot! i was going to tell you that picking palin for vp was like picking me! hahaha; opinionated, but not even close to qualified for the position, lol. i don’t pretend to have an opinion on foreign policy-i’ve never studied it. i can’t like her. i was offended, as i’m sure ANY intelligent woman was, when they picked her purely as a strategic move. i can only hope it backfires. i know i was not solidly behind obama (i’ve never liked mccain), until they picked palin for the ticket…. yuk to say the least.

  19. Hey Joe – Kinda lost touch and forgot about your blog but glad to be back among your readers. Just wanted to say that I liked the comment “twinsetellen wrote about being able to like someone and still be vehemently opposed to their viewpoints”. I think to many people think you have to agree with every viewpoint in order to “like” someone. I do not agree with your political viewpoints, yes I am a dreaded Republican :-), but I love to read your blog, and I totally repect you as a person, knitter, and American. That is one of the many great things about America – we can all have different opinions and still “like” each other.

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