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Glad I’m Not Episcopalian

Yes, it’s great that they have gotten rid of a hate-mongering bishop.

But What Now?
Now the church will have to contend with all the other hateful pricks in their ranks that want to be divisive because they can’t stand the thought of a pious gay man.

How is it that they can’t see their own hypocrisy? Or is it political posturing for power in their church? Well, I guess that’s still hypocrisy.

Kinda makes me hope the rapture comes sooner rather than later.

Current Knitting
Believe it or not, I finished the final rectangle for my niece’s afghan.

Jackie Afghan 09-29-08

Now I just have to sew up all the pieces and weave in all the ends. I’ll probably knit some kind of border as well…mostly to give the edges a cleaner look…some of them look a little raw.

It’s nice to be out of the closet as a knitter…folks sometimes give you things.

Americas Knitting Book

A client/co-worker was cleaning out her mom’s things and thought I might like this copy of America’s Knitting Book. It’s actually very nice, and I definitely didn’t own a copy.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Anonymous asks, “I’ve been watching your afghan come together. What will be the dimensions of the finished 20-square project?”

Not really sure until I block it all out. Actually, the pieces aren’t square. I did light blocking of all the rectangles to get them all to about the same size and they’re around 12″x10″ which would make the final afghan about 48″x50″ (without border).

0 comments on “Glad I’m Not Episcopalian

  1. Terrific color combination, Jos.
    A hint of Soylent Green always does the trick.
    I need to go back to begging and sycophant-ing
    to get you to give me your stuff.

  2. Sarah gives me the creeps. The minute she opened her mouth I got goosebumps, and not in a good way. I kept thinking “holy crap, if McBush gets in, and croaks, she’d run the neighbouring country. There goes my visit to Rhinebeck if I ever save up enough money to go” The thought of her next door to me here in Scanadavia is scary. She seems to me to be a fanatic about many things, and fanatics are very frightening.

    Which brings me to the church. So many people in power in organized religion are fanatics, and so often misinformed about almost everything outside their own little sphere (which is maybe part of the definition?)
    I’m looking forward to seeing the afghan put together.
    Barb B. in Scanadavia

  3. My hope is that the IRS will come down on these idiots. I have zero tolerance for those who preach hate in the name of God, and if they have to get what they deserve the way Capone did, that suits me just fine. I don’t know if this particular Episcopalian has confused the pulpit with the voting booth, but I agree with you Joe. It’s hypocrisy. In the meantime, I’m practicing my Canadian accent.

    The afghan is gorgeous, btw!

  4. Joseph: There are scritchy little buzzings adrift that suggest that the Episcopalians are sleeping soundly at night knowing you are not amongst their flock. Toxic flock syndrome? mmm.Seems that a goodly amount of confusion, pulpitwise, is erupting from more than the EpiscoPalins. The god-is-republican nonsense is popping up like pre-prom pimples in many places. Ho hum. Rome may not be burning, but Wall Street certainly seems to be….
    How in heaven’s name do you plan on unifying the jumble of blocks you intend on giving your neice? If you pull it off, meander over to DC, you might just prove helpful.

  5. One of the leaders of the world-wide anti-gay movement in the Episcopalian (Anglican) church is the Bishop of Sydney. He is a really unpleasant man – a fanatic and a power freak. It’s really sad to see a denomination split this way by fear and ignorance.

  6. You inspired me to do an afghan too, but it will be my first and i have no idea of how to unite the squares and also i wanted to ask you why do the squares have so much yarn left? thanks!

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