Tolstoy Ignorance

Tired of Ignorance

How many of you think that some day ignorance, hate and bigotry will some day be gone and that it should have happened at least by sometime last month?

Do Elections Bring Out The Ugly in Everyone?
In speaking with folks about their views on the election lately, it has been a truly frightening experience. Folks have expressed some of the most bigoted, hateful and ignorant things.

And the folks that already had uneducated views on social issues have taken it up a notch and started saying some absolutely dreadful things.

The latest two instances of blind hate that I’ve seen have just made me feel tired and hopeless that we will ever see a more civil world. The first was an article about pamphlets being distributed by a white supremacist group near Allentown, PA. The other was this delightful spate of comments to an add in Italy saying that folks are born gay that someone posted in Ravelry.

Current Knitting
I brought the sock with me for easy travel during the week and I’m soon going to have a complete pair.

Noro Sock 09-29-08(1)

Well, at least as soon as I get past all the dreaded ribbing.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
SO wrote, “You inspired me to do an afghan too, but it will be my first and i have no idea of how to unite the squares and also i wanted to ask you why do the squares have so much yarn left?”

Each square took approximately half a hank of Manos del Uruguay yarn, and I left enough yarn on each square to sew them all together.

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  1. Okay, from the Pollyanna file, allow me to tell you a story that I observed recently at the local Obama campaign office. An elderly woman comes in, pretty much hobbling on a walker. I try to open the door for her and she sternly admonishes me, telling me she doesn’t want me to take her independence away and she’ll open the door herself, thank you. She comes in and signs up to volunteer. It comes out in the conversation that she’s 87 years old and will turn 88 the next day. Before she leaves, she digs through a battered purse and pulls out five one-dollar bills. It’s all she can give because she’s on a fixed income, but she wanted to give something because she really thinks this election matters.

  2. Hrm. Ok, against my better judgement I clicked on the link because I wanted to see the ad. I really think that is a powerful and wonderful ad in Italy. It’s a shame we don’t have the collective balls as a country to do something similar.

    The comments made me want to explode. But, consider the source. The site is called Moonbattery. I mean Moon Bat crazy conservatives, please apply here! Gah. I don’t understand the pervasive hate and anger that these people must feel in their daily lives to spout things like that. I feel myself getting more and more angry and horrified that people out there not only identify with this thinking but champion it. Gah.

  3. for the life of me I will never understand comments like that (ad) What are poeple so afraid of anyway? Good greif. I tell me daughter that the best friend a girl can have is a gay man. He will always tell you when your outfit makes you fat and will never try to get in your pants. lol I have many gat friends and it just makes me sick to hear people talk as if they should all be rounded up and sent somewhere. Didn’t we fight a war in this country over this kind of bigitory?

  4. The color changes help with the tedium of ribbing. Been there.

    It amazed me how virulent the comments on Sarah Palin have been. I don’t like her, but not liking her doesn’t give carte blanche for making hateful statements about her. I certainly don’t condone an entire Ravelry group being created to put her down.

  5. I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons people hate is just sheer laziness. It’s so much easier to hate someone than to have compassion for them, because you don’t have to try putting yourself in their shoes to see why they might be who they are.

  6. Unfortunately bigotry is not dead – evidently it ain’t even feelin’ porely. It never ceases to amaze me how idiotic some people can be.

  7. I like this pic…it really shows the colors on the sock. I was thinking of making a video to show you how I do my ribbing..Would you want to see that?

    I guess I can always put it on YouTube for you to view.

    The white/grey area is cool! Right before the instep – good spot…

    Politics from here on – stop reading if you wish..

    Short and sweet. I dont agree with either VP’s. The Bible descibed a marriage – not the government. So if you dont agree with the Bible, which many religons dont, then how can they say your marriage isnt fair??? That makes me mad.

    I am straight, I have a husband, and kids. But really I dont see how if Mrs.Joans and Mrs. Joans get married hurts me..seriously…Its LOVE, that is all that matters. Maybe others should live in LOVE and not the HATE.

    Thats my opinion.

    You cant choose what civil rights are good for others, and not good for others. ALL OR NOTHING.


  8. Ironically, some of the most hateful people believe they will be rewared with “life” in a peaceful world that won’t exist until after they are dead.

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