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After All That

With all the angst of a missing camera, I only had one picture to post backward to this week’s blog…the afghan picture.

How Hateful Can The Republicans Get?
I thought it tested the limits when Sarah Palin started her many unfounded attacks on Senator Obama, but I justified it because that’s just what Vice Presidential candidates are brought in to do, and she’s pretty good at it.

But then her “rallies” started getting quite ugly and hateful with racist comments and even death threats at Obama, but she didn’t ratchet down the venom. Now McCain is starting to spout exaggerations and lies. The Republican machine has definitely taken over McCain’s campaign.

They must be really desperate and John McCain must be turning in his grave…oops…he would if he was there.

Current Knitting
I did very little knitting the remainder of this week but I’ll have a picture of the completed afghan soon, plus pictures of a successful mushroom foray with Thaddeus that resulted in finding one of my favorite mushrooms.

Latest Books
Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts is now being shipped by Amazon.

Knitting Old Way

I got my copy this week and read through a lot of it last night. My next project will definitely be a sweater inspired by this book. I can’t wait.

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  1. The hate being whipped up at these McCain/Palin rallies is frightening!

    But, I think/hope you’ll love that book. It’s a fave of mine!


    See you next weekend!

  2. Yes the hate the republicans spew is disgusting.

    Hearing the news that Connecticut just past the ban on gay marriages, makes me happy and proud to be a Northern, East Coast Elitist.

    There is hope.

  3. Well, since McCain knows that the American public disagrees with most of his policies, he doesn’t have anything else to campaign with. Is he really going to go out there and say he thinks you should be seriously considering going to war with Iran? Or that regulation of the financial industry is a bad idea because all regulation is bad? Once you get behind all that nasty smearing, the policies aren’t a whole lot better.

  4. hey! I think I’m a Queer Joe stalker! I’ve even shopped for yarn in your town! I just don’t always feel I have anything interesting to add to the discussion…

  5. I must have missed the hate mongering (I’ve been reading news articles and missing debates *grr*), but I’m not surprised. A lot of people I know feel a bit uncomfortable with a candidate old enough to not make it through the term.

    I saw this funny book in the store “72 Things Younger Than John McCain”. It was a lot of fun to browse through!

  6. Lynne, I am a bit confused by your comment that “Connecticut just past the ban on gay marriages”, not sure what that means. Canadian here. At first I though you meant “Passed” the ban, but then that would not be a good thing, so could you explain what you meant to this poor benighted foreighner? We have dealt, thankfully, with this issue already.
    We too are in the middle of a Federal Election. This is our Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, so we vote on Tuesday after the holiday Monday. We haven’t had a lot of hatred, just copious amounts of stupidity. We seem to have imported American attack ad techniques in the last few years. So rather than presenting ideas and platforms, they mostly say how terrible the other guy is. Sigh.

  7. Do you think the Republicans are afraid, or are they so sure McCain will win they don’t care anymore? I’m worried that the same powers that put Bush in office despite popular vote and all will do it for McCain, too.

  8. It was a relief to see McCain listen to his better self and try to get some of the people at yesterday’s rally to back down. But it is a bit disingenuous of him, I think, given that simultaneously his running mate is dredging up past minor relationships as evidence that Obama isn’t safe.

    That said, the Democrats and others have been just as hateful, if not recently, then certainly in the past. In my personal experience, I have seen Dems rage about evil Republicans. Sounds like hateful stereotyping to me, to lump them all in with the likes of Cheney and Rove. I suppose I have to admit I was one of those, but lately I see what a horrible path this emotional response leads us down.

    One of the reasons I like your blog, Joe, is that you seem to come at everyone with a level of respect. Good on ya!

  9. Alan, the fair state of Connecticut had some sort of domestic partnership, however several people sued to allow full marriages for gays. The state supreme court agreed – gay marriage is apparently now a go in Connecticut.

    Here – http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/11/nyregion/11marriage.html

    Joe, the hate being spewed was quite frightening. At least McCain had the good sense and honesty to try and calm his crowd done – and got booed at his own rally for it – so far, no such thing from Palin (which I keep mistyping as Pain for some reason) which makes me either think that she and her handlers don’t understand how dangerous it’s getting out there, or how close they are to inciting a riot.

    And Priscilla G-R is literally at my bed table along with a note pad. Now if only I could read my handwriting the next day. My last 2 sweaters were based in part on her schematics.

  10. Love the colors and patterns on the afghan. I would have never thought to put those colors together, which means I should probably go out on a limb and be brave and bold in color choice.

    Btw, Palin didn’t make the racist comments or death threats. It was some loonies in the audience that supposedly shouted out these comments (that so far, I cannot find audio or video of it.)

    To be fair, Democrats have their loonies. Ayers is a good example of that, and I imagine there are some wackos that would like to see some Repubs wacked.

    Not to excuse the people who made these comments; they are evil bastards and should be prosecuted as death threats against candidates is as illegal as making them against a sitting president (the racist comments should be treated seriously too.)

    It’s not right to associate or accuse Palin in making these comments when some wackos in the audience said it. I’m 100% certain that she doesn’t support those comments as Obama would not support Ayers in his bombings and attacks on others and his unappologetic comments to those crimes.

    I have watched some of her rallies recently covered and have not heard her say anything that would support those kind of comments. What I’ve seen and heard is her questioning his associations, which is a valid question. I did a google search and on You Tube and cannot find anything that has her saying or supporting such comments. Again, I cannot find the audio or video of the person(s) who said “kill him” at the rally. I imagine if that did happen, You Tube would have something since the rallies are recorded. Maybe you have a link you can share.

    Amy Scott

  11. Amy, Joe never said that Palin said those things, he said those things were being said at her rallies. And after reading articles which transcribe the speeches, though Palin never says to kill Obama, she makes no attempt in any way to contradict or crank down the venom and agression of the people at the rallies, in fact she seems to feed it with more and more simplistic and negative rhetoric. Either she is not very good at crowd control and the effect of her speeches, or she is doing this intentionally. Either way it is irresponsible.

  12. I have to wonder if John McCain even knew this woman existed 3 months ago. She is positively scary! But your afghan is beautiful. Wonderful job Joe.

  13. nice afghan!

    mclame & palindrone don't get it – turn down the hate, you hypocritical so-called "christians", and start talking about the ECONOMY, HEALTH CARE, and IRAQ. ya know, things that matter to us regular americans…

    OBAMA 08!

  14. Wow, I’m loving the afghan! It’s pretty damn gorgeous! When I start completing mine, I’ll have to seek your help with seaming it up, because yours simply looks flawless!!!

    About Palin, well, at least she can see Russia from her house.

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