Undecided Voters…

I don’t get it…how could voters be undecided?

Primaries vs. General
I guess I could kind of understand putting off a decision on who to vote for in the primaries. The candidates can have very similar positions on issues.

But being undecided for a presidential candidate at this point in the election?…how is that possible?

I just got my absentee ballot for the election since I won’t be home on Election Day. I have a boatload of folks to vote for, and I need to do some homework between now and then. So, if I still hadn’t decided on who to vote for for president, I might even consider deciding not to vote this time.

What could the possible reasons be for not knowing who you wanted as president by now?:

– You don’t have any access to TV, newspapers or radio and haven’t gotten a chance to go to any campaign events?
– You’re a single issue voter, but you just hate the candidate that takes your position?
– You’re waiting to see if either side makes some terrible blunder that will make your choice clear?

I mean these two candidates couldn’t be further apart on certain issues, like Iraq, their approach to the economy, health care and health insurance, a woman’s right to choose, education, gun control, etc., etc.

Perhaps there are tons of valid reasons for being undecided on your next president, but I sure can’t think of any.

Current Knitting
I finished up the last border side of the nieces afghan, sewed up everything and wove in any outstanding ends, and washed and blocked the afghan.

I’ve got two pictures of the final garment. The first one shows the color most accurately and gives the best sense about how the finished afghan looks.

Jackie Afghan Done

The second one shows the pattern stitches more clearly, although it clearly sacrifices color accuracy.

Jackie Afghan Done Flash

I’m very happy with how this turned out. I was a little worried about some of the colors I included, but it turned out very well. Mostly, this is a testament to the lovely colors in Manos yarns. Those Uruguayan women sure do know how to kettle dye yarn. The final measurement of the afghan is approximately 55″ tall and 50″ wide. I hope she likes it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Lynne writes, “Hearing the news that Connecticut just past the ban on gay marriages, makes me happy and proud to be a Northern, East Coast Elitist.”

What most people realized she meant to say is that Connecticut passed a law allowing gays to get married in Connecticut. It was a proud day for my people.

Twinsetellen writes, “That said, the Democrats and others have been just as hateful, if not recently, then certainly in the past. In my personal experience, I have seen Dems rage about evil Republicans. Sounds like hateful stereotyping to me, to lump them all in with the likes of Cheney and Rove.”

I know I’m biased when I discuss issues of politics, but I have to say, that even when the Democrats say negative things about Republicans, it’s usually at least based in truth. And I have never seen the negativity in any campaign raised to the level of hate, like what Palin is doing in this one. Having moderators of events use Obama’s full name to inspire hate is just awful and then to have a cute little pixie, like Sarah Palin come out and and inspire a crowd to even worse anger and hate is just despicable. Listen to the following YouTube video and tell me what his interaction with the woman who thinks Obama is an Arab tells you about McCain.

She says, “He’s an Arab” and McCain (with all good intention) says, “No ma’am, he’s a decent family man citizen…” I just think that’s kind of telling of how Senator McCain thinks of Arabs…although I do appreciate that he did set the record straight.

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  1. I’m not sure which is more frightening–the fact that Palin makes these kinds of remarks, or the fact that so many people are fooled by them. Okay, I decided–the fools.
    I lost what respect I had for John McCain (though I never would have voted for him) when he signed on Karl Rove as advisor–after Rove literally dragged McCain, his wife and his daughter through a shitstorm in the South Carolina primary in order to ensure a W victory.

  2. The afghan is simply gorgeous! If someone made this for me, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven.

    As for this election, I also cannot understand the “undecided” shtick. There is no way in HELL you don’t know who you’re going to vote for by now. You are either pro-choice or anti-choice; pro-gun control or anti-gun control; pro-corporate welfare or anti-corporate welfare. You know which candidate espouses your viewpoint. (Betcha can’t guess which way I lean.)

    Maybe the cool kids are doing undecided this year. Maybe they think it makes their brains look bigger or their butts smaller. I have no clue. I’m helping my precinct make phone calls to the undecideds and I’d LOVE to ask them just what kind of “sign” they’re waiting for, but I have to stick to the script. If someone figures out this mystery, please let me know.

  3. I know folks who don’t like either candidate, so yes there can be undecideds. It’s not just the standing on issues. It’s how comfortable one feels about the level of experience coupled with the issues. My mind was made up when Palin was chosen as a running mate but I was wavering up to that point. Obama’s response to the economic crisis has solidified it.

    Beautiful colors on the afghan.

  4. I know a few undecided voters as well. It baffles me, but they have their reason. I have a good friend who swears she’s going to flip a coin before she goes into the booth.

    Lovely afghan!

  5. Hi Joe,

    The afghan for your niece is just gorgeous and I think that the border is the perfect finishing touch. I’m sure that she will love it.

    As for the undecided voters, let’s face it-There are some voters who are perfectly happy with the Democratic platform, but they have their fears about voting for a candidate who is not Caucasian. I live in Virginia where L. Douglas Wilder became the first black elected governor in 1990. Prior to the election, he led in the polls by 15 percent, but when all of the votes were tallied, he actually only one by less than 7000 votes. This number represented less than ONE HALF of one percent of the votes cast. I realize that this is almost 2009, but America still has some growing up to do.

    Please understand I’m not trying to play the race card (that’s silly) but I’m realistic enough to know that some voters will consider Senator Obama’s skin color over his platform.

    I believe that Barak Obama will make a fine president, as he cares about all Americans and not just the wealthy few. Love your blog and thanks for reading my comment.

  6. I’d be proud of my state of allowing gay marriage if it wasn’t for all the politicians and religious people making statements about how wrong it is 3 seconds after the ruling was handed down.

    The only person who seems to have it correct is Reverend Kathleen McTigue who decided that actions spoke louder than words. For many years she hasn’t signed marriage licenses because if she couldn’t sign them for everyone who wanted to marry then she wouldn’t sign them at all.

  7. If you don’t like either candidate, then write in someone you CAN support. Just don’t call yourself undecided. To me, undecided means you plan to vote for Obama or McCain. You just can’t make up your mind which one. THAT is something I totally don’t understand–or believe. For me, I’m voting more along the lines of issues, and I’ve made up my mind. Do I trust politicians 100%–I don’t. But I know which one is closer to my beliefs. Surely the “undecideds” know that, too. If neither fits, vote for someone else.

    Love the afghan Joe!

  8. The afghan is wonderful, and the completed border just pulls it all together so well.

    To clarify my earlier comment – I have personally witnessed fellow Dems spout vitriol about anyone who has ever voted Republican. Even when the current Republican campaign is despicable, that is no excuse.

    Of course, once you recruit Rove to your campaign, I think you get to be lumped in with him.

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