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Mycological Advice From Thaddeus

Thaddeus doesn’t always read the blog, and when he does, he rarely participates.

He offered to suggest two mushroom books he found useful when he first started foraging for wild mushrooms.

Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America, by David W. Fischer (Author) and Alan E. Bessette was a useful book because it was specific to edible mushrooms and it also started Thaddeus on a search for groups that could mentor him in his quest (he was able to join the New Jersey Mycological Society and meet experts in the field of mycology and mycophagy as well as folks who used mushroom to dye yarn even.

A more comprehensive book is Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America
by Roger Phillips. This one provided more in-depth information and Thaddeus found it was more useful than some of the field guides published by folks like Audubon.

Getting Back to Knitting
I ran across this book in my knit-book searches:

Continuous Cables

Continuous Cables: An Exploration of Knitted Cabled Knots, Rings, Swirls, and Curlicues by Melissa Leapman looks like quite an interesting book. I’ve always wanted to play around with various methods of using raised motifs using cabling techniques.

Anyone know anything about this?

Current Knitting
I started swatching for a new sweater.

Swatch Hat

I’m not overly thrilled with the color combination, and I’ve decided that I don’t like the bulkiness of stranded knitting using DK weight yarn, so I’ve decided to make it into a hat instead. I’m just knitting a lining with a yarn that is a bit softer than Shetland. I’ll post a picture of me modeling it, despite my super power of making any hat look completely stupid.

For the sweater, I may have to choose a different yarn, but I guess I should read through the my copy of Knitting in the Old Way fully before deciding on which yarn and sweater I should make.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
New reader Shihtzuma asks, “I’ve been knitting for years. I am obsessed with smaller knitting. I have US 0, but didn’t know US0000 even existed. Where do you buy US0000 needles?”

Nice to meet another size-queen…I adore microscopic needles. I first bought my sets of Addi steel doublepointed US0000 needles from Laci’s when I was doing beaded knitting bags, but now I’m glad to enjoy them with laceweight yarn. Here’s one place I found through a google search that carries them. I’ve never seen any, but I’ve heard of folks using US00000000 needles (yes, 8 zeros!).

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  1. One of the benefits of the metric system is not having to count all of those zeros. So 0000 = 1.25mm, looking at Addi needles it seems each 0 is 0.25 mm (this seams true of Hiya Hiya needles as well) so a 00000000 may be a 0.25 mm. Although with a quick google search I can’t confirm that.

  2. Woodland Woolworks carry the Addi steel lace dp needles up to 8 aughts (they’re listed as size .5) They look like piano wire. I can’t imagine knitting with them without them getting totally bent out of shape.

  3. This is Leapman’s follow-up book to Cables Untangled, which I own. It’s a very good reference, with 100 stitch patterns, along with some garments to make. I would definitely buy this if you’re interested in cable construction.

  4. I’m into cables lately and will check out this book. Thanks for posting it.

    Just one whiny comment–why do they have to use a super-skinny model on the cover? The woman has toothpick legs for Pete’s sake. I don’t exactly have potato thighs, but give me a break! What’s wrong with a little meat on your bones?

    I really like that hat. I also have the power to make knitted hats look hideous, but I’ll take it if you don’t want it!

  5. There are a lot of articles in the beading magazines about people using things that are about the size of the 8aughts or smaller for their artwork, but I don’t think it would occur to me to knit something with it. I wonder if they knit with sewing thread.

  6. I hear you about the toothpicks..lolol
    The raised cables are a treat for the eyes. I will have to head to the bookstore on payday and get that one..
    I have picked what we call puffball mushrooms. Sliced,(they are about the size of a saucer) dipped in beaten egg and rolled in flour and spices and lightly fried…Yummy

  7. I got some wonderful HiyaHiya needles in sizes 2 and 000 from Lacis in Berkeley, CA. I just love the way the stitches fly off these needles. Use mine for socks and lace. Since I am a pretty loose knitter I always have to go down at least 1 needle size to attain proper gauge on most projects. I’ve heard the 7-0 and 8-0 needles are most useful for making items for doll miniatures but don’t have any myself.

  8. Thanks so much for the info. I’ve tried toothpicks for leg warmers for my niece’s Barbie — they were really fun to knit.

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