Rhinebeck 2008-6

Another Delightful Rhinebeck

It was a little colder this year, but the tree colors were spectacular and the friends even more abundant than in prior years.

Rhinebeck Friends
Mostly, I’ll just show pictures of the event. As usual, the best part of Rhinebeck for me were the people that I get to see.

Rhinebeck 2008-1
A delightful surprise to see Stephen (HizKnits) and Sean…always great to see Marilyn

Rhinebeck 2008-3

Rhinebeck 2008-4

Rhinebeck 2008-5
Carol arrives to receive her amazing gift of spectacularly blue lace.

Rhinebeck 2008-6

Rhinebeck 2008-7

Dave and Scott arrive from Easton Mountain to brighten our day.

Rhinebeck 2008-8
David and Mel…the happy (busy) couple.

Rhinebeck 2008-13
Lorraine (friend of Lars…but who isn’t) shows off her gift from Lars.

Rhinebeck 2008-14

Rhinebeck 2008-15
Alan, Lars, Ted and Vรฉronik made the party complete.

Rhinebeck 2008-16

Also ran into a bunch of other great folks, like Mindy, BJ (of M&M’s fame!), a bunch of guys from the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and tons more that my dementia-addled brain isn’t coming up with at the moment.

Current Knitting
I finished sewing up the Fair Isle hat, did minimal work on the microscopic gauge sock and starting swatching for my stranded knitting sweater.

I’ve already reached my quota of pictures, so I’ll post more later this week.

0 comments on “Another Delightful Rhinebeck

  1. thank you, joe, for sharing these pix; can’t wait to see the rest!

    everyone looks so happy!

    wish I could have been there (le sigh)…

  2. Hi handsome! Great pictures (what a look you got from me, eh?) LOL. So great seeing you guys. You’re right, it is about the people for me. Wonderful medicine for the soul. It greatly cheered me.

  3. i want, no, need Veronik’s peacoat now! I have been oogling it for a while, but seeing it on her- well that did it.

    It is fun seeing all the pictures of the crew. Ya’ll seem like so much fun.

  4. Awesome people at an awesome place. It was great to finally meet you after two-plus years of reading your blog. Enjoy the bunny fur.

  5. I walked right by you at Rhinebeck, and had a moment of “That was QueerJoe!” I should have said hi instead of acting like a starstruck kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

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