I’m No BrooklynTweed

Despite how much I liked the result of the Fair Isle swatch that turned into a hat, it took dozens of pictures to come up with just a handful that look even decent.

Fair Isle Hat on Joe
Here’s a few feeble attempts at photography.

Swatch Hat 15

Current Knitting
I’ve been doing very little knitting, but I did decide to swatch some new yarn for my next sweater. Since it will be a stranded knitting sweater, my swatch was done in the round, but I haven’t even finished the swatch.

Stranded Swatch

Shocking that this small swatch will someday grow to be a magnificent sweater.

New Book
Okay…this looks like my next book purchase…and I’ve only seen the cover picture so far.

Mens Knits

This is Men’s Knits by Erika Knight, and I’ve only heard one recommendation for it so far. Anyone else seen it? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. The hat looks great and I love several of the pics, esp. 9 & 10. There's one with a "come hither" look, but I know it's not for me.

    What kind of sweater do you have in mind? The swatch colors are beautiful and the design is elegant.

  2. So were you trying to channel street punk in the first pic? And I’m thinking you’re not exactly buying that book for the sweater. πŸ™‚

  3. [church lady voice] We like ourselves, don’t we?

    Um, did YOU take the photos of yourself? Because I think it’s pretty much impossible to do and get a decent result. Having just taken an absolutely adorable photo of you at Rhinebeck, I KNOW you’re photogenic. Also you’re handsome.

    Haven’t seen the Men’s Knits book yet, but I like Erika Knight and she designs/ed for Rowan so that’s a good sign, eh?

  4. That hat looks great. I really liked photo’s with 4 and 15 in the name. You have a great twinkle in your eye in both of those and look like you were smiling.

    I’m no photographer either but I’ve been trying out a few things with my digital camera and have found that playing with the ‘white balance’ setting (mine has settings for cloudy, sunny and different types of artificial light plus a means of actually measuring the light using a white background) and using natural light as much as possible has really improved the photos I take.

  5. Pic #1- The Ruff 'n' Tuff Joe. Pic #6- Workin' It for the Camera. Pics #9 & 10- The Pensive Joe. The hat really looks better than you might think.

  6. I was thinking #1 was the “smoldering look.” Great hat. And that swatch- that is going to be beyond magnificent- can’t wait to see it become.

  7. I saw the fashion show from Mens Knits at I Knit day here in London – I usually like Erika Knight’s work but I have to say on this occasion I wasn’t impressed – and there wasn’t one thing there that my husband would wear. Too many cardigans and hats…

  8. I also was at the I Knit event in London and was asked to model sweaters from Erika’s latest book at the improvised fashion show. I had to wear the Bulky yarn sweater and esp the brownish 1 looked good on my. I think the book is really good (but not excellent). Simple sweaters in really nice yarn and the photos’are even better. All kinds of different ages and personalities.
    Erika is a very nice personality who looked fab that afernoon
    And Joe: you also could have been a model in that book!!

  9. LOL, I love your initial comment….. I’m not brooklyntweed. No, you’re ALOT hotter. Ooops, you didn’t hear me say that. Let’s just say you guys look different, and I like your look A LOT better.

    So, how timely, I just wrote a post dedicated to you answering all your questions.


  10. Well, I think Joe looks very Elven in #6, rather than street cred. The model on the cover of the book has nice lips. And I wish I had that hat this morning…it’s freezing.

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