Michigan Country

I’m not sure what the polls say, but if you count bumper stickers here in Michigan, McCain/Palin are definitely winning this state (and a lot of folks with their heads about to go firmly up their asses, in my less-than humble opinion will not be voting for Obama).

Work Travels
Last week and this week found me traveling around the East side of Michigan and in all my driving I saw many many many McCain/Palin bumper stickers, very few (maybe two) Obama/Biden bumper stickers and even one pokey idiot in the fast lane not going fast with a “NO OBAMA” sign taped inside her window.

Of course, it doesn’t quell my worries when the hotel where I stay has Fox News playing in the morning in the area where they serve daily breakfast.

For all you Obama voters…please realize that this is not a done-deal yet. McCain, despite himself and his dreadful policies is moving up…at least as far as I can tell in Michigan.

Current Knitting
I haven’t had a boatload of time to knit, but I have made a little progress on the stranded sweater, and you can start to see a pattern emerging.

Stranded Sweater 10-29-08

The yarn I’m using is a KnitPicks yarn called Palette. It’s fingering weight and loosely double-plied. I have to admit, I love this yarn. It’s soft and warm and is making a wonderful fabric so far. People will definitely want to fondle me when I wear this sweater.

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  1. I fully intend to vote for Obama (though I live in a done deal state, so I could vote Republican and it wouldn’t change a thing), but some individuals (my FIL for one) are campaigning hard for Obama in ways that make me uncomfortable with voting for him. It’s like supporting this really good candidate has given them extra license to be more offensive individuals for everything else.

  2. I can’t speak for the entire state of Colorado, but in my area, there are a lot more signs for Obama than McCain.

    I’m not sure I get the reason someone would be uncomfortable about voting for a candidate because they know someone who is obnoxious about how they push for that candidate. I’d be uncomfortable with THAT person. I was in the same boat, basically, and chose to avoid the obnoxious person. I realize this isn’t always possible.

    As for fondling, I’m pretty sure the hat pix already sealed the deal. You’ll have to wear a disguise now, or you’ll be mobbed!

  3. 1. Some people want to fondle you no matter what you wear.

    2. I’m scared sh**less that people will be complacent and not vote or the repugnantcans will steal their 3rd election in a row. I’m even praying!

  4. Obama is up 22 points in Michigan. About a month ago, McCain quit campaigning and pulled all ads out of Michigan because he felt he couldn’t win the state. I still see that Pennsylvania is considered potentially winable by McCain. A quick google search could have told you all that information about Michigan.

  5. I agree with you, Joe. This is not a done deal despite all of the support Senator Obama has received. Here in Virginia, Obama holds a slim lead, but because Virginia is now considered a battleground state (not strictly Republican for the first time in 40+ years) both candidates are campaigning HARD. Both Senators McCain and Obama have made a number of stops here, and it looks like they will continue to do so. Just urge everyone to get out and vote on election day.

  6. Got a better and happier bumpersticker for you-
    Obamanos! (WE OBAMA in Spanish). I’m hoping New Mexico goes to Obama and will be humilated if my state goes republican- if the recent rallies here are an indication though, McCain about 3,000 and Obama 30,000, things are looking like a positive change is in the wind.

  7. People want to fondle you anyway. Now stop fishing and get back to work on that gorgeous sweater- pattern looks great.

    In my small town here in VA the signs are looking about 50/50. I think the last polls I read said Obama is ahead here. It has to be Obama. I’ve never felt this strongly about an election before, and I get truly terrified at the possibility of McCain winning. My goats’ vet has a great bumper sticker- “If you’re not appalled, you haven’t been paying attention.”
    Pretty much sums it up.

  8. Joe, you made a referral to Sedaris’ essay on the undecided masses on another blog (go knit in your hat). Thanks! It made my day! Sedaris made that undecided thing perfectly clear and unbearably funny.

  9. I am so afraid that in this election “undecided” means “racist but doesn’t want to admit it”. I hope I am being paranoid.

    Until the outcome is determined, knit on.

  10. OBAMA 08!!

    I am with everybody else – we want to fondle joe the huggy bear no matter what he wears! hopefully thaddeus would not get too jealous πŸ˜‰


  11. Will we have to stand in line for the fondling or will you a “Take a Number” system? If Thaddeus wears the sweater, does he get fondled too?

    As for Obama, I am of course voting for him and all my friends and most of my relatives are too. As a Chicagoan, I’m wishing I had tickets for the big rally.

    Now get back to your knitting.

  12. This little PA girl is an Obama girl. Around here it depends it you are driving through a rich neighborhood or a working class neighborhood as to which signs you see. I have seen more Obama signs though.

    Palette is a nice yarn. If you are doing a felted project, it felts wonderfully.

    You might want to check with Thadius about if he’s ok with strangers fondling you.

  13. My husband is in the National Guard and had to stand on the Mackinac Bridge and guard it on Labor Day. He said of all the thousands of people who walked it, he saw lots of Obama shirts and buttons and one McCain button.

    Election day is coming – I’ll be there!

  14. Now let me get this straight, no, make that clear. You are afraid? hoping? convinced? that you will get fondled while wearing this future sweater? Sounds like a good gig to me. If you start getting all that extra attention, what will Nico think?

  15. I’m in Ohio. The last thing I want is to have my car vandalized or my yard vandalized, so no signs or bumper stickers. The police here are quite the reactionary, conservative group with a long memory. But I’m definitely voting for Mr. O.

  16. Wow Michigan sounds just like Randolph County North Carolina. This County always goes Republican. I plan to early vote on Saturday the very last day for early voting and I will be voting for Obama!

  17. Here in Ohio I will be coordinating Labor Walks all day Saturday & Sunday. We will be doing Get Out the Vote calls on Monday.

    It ain't over till it's over!

    Cool sweater! Are you knitting it in the round on two circulars?

  18. I’ve been impressed, even though our small town in south central Montana is predominately Republican, the number of Democrat and Obama signs around town. Huge signs-“Montana for Obama.” I would say two to one signage for Obama. I have not seen one sign pulled down, stolen or vandalized. Maybe there’s hope for those Repubs yet!

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