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Rhinebeck Re-Visited

Not literally…just in a blogging sort of way.

Rhinebeck Purchases
It was a lean year this year for purchases at Rhinebeck, despite a number of close calls.

My first visit was to introduce myself to Chris at Briar Rose Fibers. Despite the fact that the festival hadn’t even officially opened, Chris’ booth was swamped with dozens of people grabbing every bit of the gorgeous fibers they could clutch. It really was kind of a feeding frenzy. I couldn’t deal with it, and figured it would be best to introduce myself to Chris and then just pay shipping on my orders for her yarn at a later date.

I then went over to visit with Mel and David and made my first purchase of the day…two balls of soft-as-silk alpaca sock yarn…

Socrates Sock Yarn

Socrates in dark charcoal heather color.

I met up with Lorraine (FiberNinja), who gifted me with some soft-as-silk mohair from her very own stash.

FiberNinja Mohair
I can’t wait to card this in with some other fiber and see how it spins up.

Finally, I also bought a Shetland fleece. Nothing extraordinary, and the pictures didn’t do it justice, so I’m not posting a picture of a blob of white and gray in a big plastic bag.

Current Knitting
I completed a few more rows on the stranded knitting pullover.

Stranded Sweater 11-02-08

I got a little bored and decided to use up some of the scraps from the Manos Afghan for my niece.

Manos Scarf

I basically just randomly knotted leftover ends of the yarn and then started a double seed stitch with the resulting ball of yarn. Just goes to prove there are some yarns that go together well no matter what you do.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the stranded knitting pullover, CrankyOleBroad writes, “Cool sweater! Are you knitting it in the round on two circulars?”

Yes…mostly. Sometimes I switch to just one circular so I have one less needle-join to worry about gaps in the knitting and then I switch it to two needles when I photograph it.

0 comments on “Rhinebeck Re-Visited

  1. Ooh, that is gorgeous sock yarn. I love the solids and semi-solids, because they are appropriate for so many more patterns.

    Your sweater is coming along beautifully. Have you charted out the motifs you are using, or are you mostly making it up as you go along?

  2. I introduced myself to Chris at ‘Briar Rose Fibres’ ….er…”Fibers” as well. I wanted to say hello since I had ordered a bunch of stuff from her right after the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat where I got a couple of her door prize skeins. She dyed some matching yarn for me–very accommodating. Lovely stuff. And a lovely woman. I too didn’t buy anything from her at Rhinebeck, but certainly recommend her online sales.

  3. The pullover looks lovely so far.

    The Socrates is wonderful…I’m working with this yarn for a pair of thin gloves.

    Go Obama!

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