It’s a Brand New Day

When Bill Clinton was elected, I gloated. When George W. Bush was elected, I grieved. With the election of Barack Obama I only pray that the vision that returned hope to this country can be fulfilled.

I do have renewed hope…sometimes it’s just a glimmer and other times it’s full-on, naive, ridiculous hope, but hope I have.

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  1. All the way from Sweden here, I’m so happy for you.
    Like a swedish politician said in the newspaper. 8 years of misery is over. By the way, love your blog ! – Kristina

  2. I slept so peacefully last night after watching the results and his wonderful speech. Woke this morning with a feeling of hope- I know what you mean about the “full-on naive, ridiculous hope”- there are moments when I feel completely giddy about the future now. Its a very nice feeling.

  3. Most of my adult life has been punctuated [horrified] by the soon [not soon enough] to be former administration. I was nineteen in 2000 and I’m currently twenty-seven.

    It’ll be nice not to have that sickening ball of bitter cynicism in my stomach after so long.

    I still haven’t taken my ‘I voted’ sticker off of my forehead. I cherish it as a memento of participating in the groundswell of change that led to that shocking and most welcome announcement a little over twelve hours ago.

    Great blog, btw. πŸ™‚

  4. Well I surely gloated last night, and still am today! This is a historical election, one that will never be repeated. I was a Hillary supporter, but when we knew there was no chance for her I got behind Obama. I don’t pray for anything, that’s a farce! I just believe that he will do everything that was promised, and I truly believe he will. Now gloat damnit!


  5. I stayed up late last night to watch the speeches and see what our future holds. It was a beautiful night, and I was saddened that McCain did not manage in his campaign to show the spirit of humility and honor that he showed last night – not because I wanted him to win, but because I believe engaging in muckraking politics diminishes oneself and he showed last night that he had the spirit to be great.

    And I want to see the First Puppy!


    as for GWB and uncle dickie, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass as you leave!

  7. I think because we’ve all forgotten what it is like to not live in fear of what W and gang would do next, it is almost impossible to identify the positive feelings inside ourselves. I can’t, anyway. I think some of it may be calmness, which I’m so alien to over the last 6 years.

  8. I haven’t felt this good since…almost forever!

    It’s hard to know who’s happier: me and millions of other Americans or the world’s other nations (yes, W, they do exist. The hope and excitement are palpable. Let’s continue to support our President-elect. He will need it after 8 years of indifference and arrogance.

    Naivete is a beautiful thing. Enjoy…

  9. Joe, I am oh so happy that Barak Obama will be our next POTUS! I too have renewed hope for the future and I’m with you in praying for the changes needed to make America great again. The entire world celebrated his win. I also believe that the entire world celebrated the end of the Bush era. As far as I’m concerned, George W and his crew can leave NOW and they don’t have to wait until Jan 20. Woooo Hoooo!

  10. I congratulate America for electing Obama, his victory caused almost as much excitement here in Australia as for you. Now there is hope not only for your country but the world at large.

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