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A Big Thank You

I have to admit, I would have been really pissed if all the Obama fanatics that helped him win against Hillary hadn’t come out to vote for him in the general election.

It’s Only Fair
While it scares me a bit that the youth vote was still somewhat sparse, I want to thank all of the young’uns who did in fact vote. I also want to thank all of the true conservatives that rejected the neo-con platform of the Republicans and voted for Obama (or minimally, didn’t vote for McCain). My thanks also go out to all the big Hillary supporters and the devout feminists, who despite their annoyance at missing out on having a woman for president, still voted for the best choice available. Finally, a huge thanks to the Obama fanatics that kept the energy alive from very early on in the campaign. You were the ones that actually made Obama a viable candidate even when folks like me didn’t think it was possible.

For the first time in a long time I feel as though we truly have a “big-tent” mentality in leadership.

Current Knitting
Kept my nose to the grindstone (does anyone else flinch a little when they think about their nose pressed to an actual grindstone?) and got quite a bit done on the stranded knitting pullover.

Stranded Sweater 11-10-08

In addition to finishing about 10 inches of sweater so far, I also finally graphed out the whole sweater so that I know when to start the arm holes and the collar.

Wish me a happy blogiversary tomorrow. Hard to believe I will have been blogging about knitting and queer politics for six years now.

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  1. How about I wish you a happy blogiversary in advance today?

    So is that vertical panel in the center of the pullover a side panel or a faux button placket?

  2. What a lovely pattern and colour choice. I really like all over patterns in two colours. I often read that it is not suitable to knit a border with single strand as the sweater is double strand. However, many old Fair Isle sweaters are knitted in this manner. I really like yours and am going to try it on my next as I hate doing corrugated ribbing. How deep is yours and did you go down many needle sizes?
    Ron in Mexico

  3. Happy Blogiversary to you
    Happy Blogiversary to you
    Happy Blogiversary Dear Joe
    Happy Blogiversary to you!
    Your always a good read πŸ™‚

    xo bj

  4. Happy blogiversary Joe! Have a piece of virtual cake on me (don’t want to make a pooch belly on such a good lookin’ knitting stud).

    BTW, is it intended that in the second motif row of the panel that the third block from the right be different from the others? Since we can’t see the back or the chart I’m assuming it is because I can’t imagine you making such a big mistake.

  5. Dear Joe,

    Happy anniversary.

    I am a ‘new’ American (just got my citizenship 2 years ago) living in Paris, France. I voted for the first time and …. boy, did it feel good.

    I love your blog… knitting and politics, two of my favorite things – all you need is a few recipes and it would be – MY blog!!!

    You’re doing a great job, love the pictures.


  6. Happy Blogiversary Joe! I’m lifting a glass to you, even if it isn’t 5 p.m. yet!

    MY BIL (ardent Hillary supporter) just admitted he voted for McCain, out of spite for Hil not receiving the nomination. I am considering divorce, as I’m not sure I can remain married to someone whose brother is so incredibly stupid and spiteful. And to add insult to injury, he’s coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m saving the rot-gut wine just for him!

    Love the sweater. Your progress is simply amazing.

  7. Happy Blogiversary Jo. You were one of the inspirations for my blog, which is about a year younger than yours. I thought that if you could successfully combine knitting, life and opinions so could I. Blog on!

  8. That is beautiful! (the sweater, but the “thank you’s” to all who voted were nice, too)

    Happy Blogiversary- you were the very first blog I ever found. So glad you started!

  9. I second puff!

    you never forget your first blog…

    happy blogiversary to a nice guy!

    (raises a glass of pinot grigio in toast)

  10. My middle daughter was quite peeved that she turns eighteen next week, instead of last week, but she was mollified that Obama won. My older two kids voted, in fact, the university my son attends had a shuttle driving students to the polling places, though he called on chauffer mom. I try to take heart that during each election, more and more younger people take the time to get involved and vote. My polisci text from last year posed the possibility of young v old as the Boomers age. Shades of Logan’s Run.

    Hey jelly donut, you can get a ripping case of salmonella from Thanksgiving turkey and you really wish you were dead. Just cook BIL’s bit the day before and leave it on the counter all night.

  11. rogue1, LMAO!

    I’m trying to get some perspective on this and forgive and forget, but when you forgo your principles just to make a point, then you are an ass. I hate knowing I’m related to such an ass, even if it is by marriage!

  12. Happy Blogiversary! Six years? I’ve been lurking bloglessly for six years? I love your blog. And I flinch when I think about noses and grindstones, too!

  13. I am a little late in wishing you a Happy Anniversary of your blog – six years of bringing pleasure to so many people around the world is a great achievement!

    And to the person who wanted recipes – Joe has recipes, I learned all about pound cakes from this blog!

  14. A day late but still wishing you a happy blogversary. I do believe yours was the first blog I found and am not certain how or why, but I’m happy I found it. You’ve taught me a lot and lead me to some good reference materials (Montse Stanley and some old Harmony Stitch Guides).

  15. The morning after the election I went out at 0530 to buy lots of newspapers to save for my sons. Who wouldn’t grin at the scene of an 8-yo marching around the room in his boxers chanting “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma” after seeing the headline on the Washington Post? BTW, I got a mental picture of my grandfather sharpening knives on the grindstone and remember his calloused knuckles getting a little bit of “smoothing out”. Still makes my eyes water and my nose twitch.

  16. A very happy blogiversary πŸ™‚

    I also enjoy the mix of politics and knitting you bring to the net.

    Here’s to the next six years πŸ™‚

    Oh and BTW – that sweater looks wonderful.

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