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Another Anniversary

The ever-wonderful Thaddeus and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past weekend.

Quarter Century Club
Yes, it’s amazing even to me that it’s really been 25 years. We celebrated by going to an exceptional restaurant in center-city Philadelphia, Morimoto’s. Despite torrential downpours on our drive to the restaurant, it was a wonderful way to mark this joyful milestone.

I say it often, but we’ve been very lucky.

Current Knitting
Taking progress pictures of my current sweater has gotten to the point where it’s starting to feel like watching paint dry, but I still post them and make you read about it…sorry!

Stranded Sweater 11-19-08

I really have gotten more done on the sweater…it just doesn’t really look like it.

So, I’ll spice things up a bit by showing you the INSIDE of the sweater…yes…don’t hyperventilate…I know this is exciting shit.

Stranded Sweater 11-19-08 Inside

I have completed about 12 or 13 inches on the body of the sweater, and I’ll soon be starting the steek stitches for the arm holes.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
JellyDonut asks, “Joe, are your socks always done toe to top? I’ve only done it the other way. How do you decide when to start the heel?”

In answer to your first question, no, sometimes I do cuff-down knitting on socks. There are a couple of reasons I do toe-up. First, it allows me to make the longest sock with whatever yarn I’m using…I can just stop when I’m a little less than halfway through my yarn. Second, I love using the Andersson heel, and I haven’t gotten my shit together enough to revise the instructions to make it in a cuff-down fashion. Finally, I like the look of the toe of the sock using the figure-eight cast-on. I decide on when to start the heel based on my rows-per-inch gauge and how many rows it will take me to increase for the heel gusset. If I do a short-row heel, I just keep trying on the sock and when it gets to the first vertical part of my ankle, I start the heel.

Evelyn asks, “How are you knitting a blue sock out of orange yarn??”

It’s Noro magic…well actually it’s purple, blue and teal and then orange…here’s what it’s looking like now.

Noro Sock 2 10-19-08

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  1. Warm congratulations to you and Thaddeus. 25 years… that’s a lot of work, a lot of luck, a lot of love. Here’s to the next 25.

    Personally, I find the insides of stranded colorwork absolutely fascinating!

  2. The inside of that sweater is so worth looking at- you’re doing a fantastic job.

    So are you and Thaddeus. Congrats and many, many more!

  3. Twenty-five years–how wonderful!

    Thanks for posting the pix of the inside of the sweater. I know I’m not the only one who was curious but didn’t want to ask. Any many, many thanks for answering my question about the socks. I’ve always felt my socks had a long way to go. Now, there’s hope. Joe, you rock!

  4. 25 years! Wonderful, and I see another 25 in the future.

    Now, ummm, don’t know if I should ask but, on the second set of motifs from the bottom, #3 from the left…is it different by plan? Are there more like it I can’t see? Shutting up now.

  5. Congrats! You and Thaddeus look great!

    When you mean the first vertical part of your ankle are you referring to the front of the foot where the instep slopes up to the shin or are you referring to the front of the ankle bone itself?

    I make some toe up socks, but I have to use the measurement method because I don’t have the foggiest idea how big my heels are going to be. Not too big a deal, because at least socks mostly fit even if I am not quite rigorous enough.

  6. 25 years…and they said it wouldn’t last!

    many many more years of bliss to you and thaddeus; you deserve it!

  7. I am delurking to say congratulations on 25 years. Luck may be involved, but working on a relationship is more likely the cause.


  8. I don’t usually comment – although I love reading your blog – but just had to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and Thaddeus on your Silver Anniversary.
    Great photo too.
    Love to both of you.

  9. Congratulations on 25 years!!!

    How was Morimoto’s?

    My husband and I went there when it opened – we lived on the ‘main line’ then – we now live in Paris. It still is our number 1 restaurant of all times!!! Chef Morimoto also came by to ask us if we enjoying our meal!!

    I love your knitting.


  10. Congratulations on 25 years! That is quite a milestone. I hope you had a wonderful evening.

    May I just say, your colorwork is exquisite, as are your floats.

  11. Mazel tov to a most lovely couple. Twenty-five years is definitely an accomplishment to celebrate. I agree that Morimoto’s is terrific. God, I miss living in Philly. Other than the Anderson Heel,what sock recipe are you using?

  12. Wow QJ, another thing you and I have in common. My man & I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past April. The pic of you two makes me smile. Let's make it to 50 together.

  13. 25 years is really something- You all got together when I was only four years old! (Sorry I cannot resist). Congratulations!!!!!

    I am knitting with the exact same Noro sock yarn. Love the Noro, even though it s a bit scratchy.

  14. Many, many congratulations to you and Thaddeus! Love and commitment to working through the boring bits is worthy of a celebratory dinner — and your smiles are proof.

    All best wishes for at least another 25!


  15. OMG……. sob sob….. Congratulations. One day I hope my day will come.

    BTW, did you check out my haul from San Francisco?

  16. congrats to you and Mr. T! what a milestone! we are only 11 years your juniors!

    i’m doing only toe up now! started with figure 8 cast on but now do judy’s magic cast on. wayyyyyy better! it has the kitchener stitch look. and, i just start my heel 2 inches before the end of my foot (heel). and doing short rows, no gusset. fits like a glove!

    congrats again! xo chris

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