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Can’t Shake It

If you came here to get cheered up, I’m afraid you’ve made it to the wrong blog.

Winter-Time Blues
I’ve never been a big fan of Winter and cold and snow, but this year I seem to be dreading it worse than most…and it’s still only Fall!

Add to that, a bunch of personal crap, and I am definitely not enjoying this season so far at all. It would be nice to just go to sleep until March…even knowing that I’d have to deal with the worst case of dry-mouth ever.

At least I am enjoying my knitting, and I’m hopeful that my current sweater project will help keep me warmer this Winter.

Current Knitting
As I’d hoped, I made it up to the sleeve shaping and started a steek there.

Stranded Sweater 11-24-08

Shortly, I’ll be getting to the place where I’ll have to start the pattern design around the button/collar opening. This will require a bit of planning and paying attention…I want to make sure I don’t have button/collar patterns on both the front and the back.

I also started a new knitting project that has to remain a secret, but it shouldn’t affect my ability to make progress on existing projects.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks everyone for their good wishes and congratulations on the anniversary.

Sean writes, “I would love to see a picture of you two from back then.”

I posted this picture a while back, and it’s not quite 25 years old and it’s a picture of a picture…but it gives you a good idea of what we looked like back then.

QueerJoe Age 43

ChickInParis asks, “How was Morimoto’s?”

It was ridiculously expensive, but exquisitely good. We both did tasting menus, and one of my courses was the most amazing halibut I’ve ever had…by far.

Barb B. of Wild Geese Fibres asks, “Now, ummm, don’t know if I should ask but, on the second set of motifs from the bottom, #3 from the left…is it different by plan? Are there more like it I can’t see? Shutting up now.”

Hopefully you’ll notice that there is a bit of randomness in the pattern design. Even if there wasn’t, I would have claimed there was.

Seanna Lee asks, “When you mean the first vertical part of your ankle are you referring to the front of the foot where the instep slopes up to the shin or are you referring to the front of the ankle bone itself?”

I meant the beginning of the instep slope up to the shin. But like you said, it’s not a very exact science…socks are very forgiving.

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  1. In this picture yes I can see the randomness. I am liking this one quite a lot. Are you doing buttons kind of like a “henley” style?
    I hear you on the blah of winter this year. It froze early here, then warmed up. Snowed late, not till November, but for some reason it is just way more depressing than usual. Hope things perk up for you soon.

  2. OK. You made it sound like it was going to be a depressing post. Then you put up that absolutely sweet photo. It made me smile. Here is hoping your winter is warm. The snow remains at flurries. And your personal stuff settles down. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. That photo is so sweet – your smiles are completely unchanged πŸ™‚

    My ideal winter would be warm every day, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it can be as cold and snowy as it likes. Unfortunately, the weather does not cater to my wishes πŸ™

  4. That’s a great photo!

    Thanks for the info about the sock heel. I think I have been tending to start my heel a little too late, so it is always a bit looser than I want it to be when I’m toe-upping.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog from one of my favorite knitting forums — forget which. So I joined your Stalker club so I can see the finished sweater you’re knitting, which is gorgeous.

  6. So, I admire the photo of the young couple and then read the first comment – major disconnect follows for about 2 seconds. Oh, she’s talking about the picture of the sweater, not you guys – LOL!

  7. Thanks for sharing that picture- I’ve enjoyed scrolling up and down- yup, there’s that smile, uh-huh, I’ve seen that expression before. It’s cold and blah here today (maybe its just the year for it) but that picture warmed my heart. Congrats again on 25- and may you enjoy way more than that to come!

  8. Sorry about your ‘doldrums’… I hope they pass. Nevertheless, I’m happy to visit your blog and be allowed to share in your knitting life. I learn here and enjoy myself. Keep your chin up!

  9. James, you nailed it. My thought was “Where had I seen those two before?” You two’re cuter than Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson though and I’m sure aged much more gracefully.

    Now that I’m seeing more of the sweater I see how the motifs work themselves out. Very nice!

  10. Oh, and about the winter blues — I get them too. I channel that sour energy into Fall/Winter housecleaning activities getting ready for the colorful holidays. I find that I purge more unnecessary stuff when I’m blue. By the time I’m done cleaning and purging, the blues have warmed up to a happy hue just in time for the holiday festivities. Having colorful projects on my kneedles also lifts spirits like the Festival of Lights.

  11. Your picture amused me today. Thank you! My husband and I started dating in high school and all through college. This picture reminded me of what he used to look like, lot’s of hair and shirts buttoned down to there.

  12. i missed the old pic of you two the first time i went through the post! glad i saw it this time! cute. docksiders and white socks! ahhhh. those were the days! xo chris

  13. Stumbled upon your blog and having just learned to knit I’m enjoying finding lots of new blogs to check out.

    That sweater’s pattern is amazing! I only hope that someday I can do something half as complicated. =)

  14. that was a sad post? I know I am late in reading this, but that is such an adorable picture!! I want to squish the both of you.

    Makes me sad I do not have a similar photo of John and me from ten years ago when we first met. He hates photos haha.

    And awesome looking sweater design.

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