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Okay…What Would You Do?

Last half-day at work before a four day holiday weekend, virtually none of my co-workers are in the office and I’ve completed all critical tasks and gotten ahead on future tasks.

Should I Blog?
I have virtually no knitting content or progress to boast about, and I typically do my blogging outside of working hours. I can’t knit at work, but blogging activity could be perceived by casual passers-by as productive work.

Such a quandary, and you KNOW how I hate being bored.

I even tried catching up the typically reliable time-suck, Ravelry Forums, but there was hardly any activity out there either.

Sheesh…what’s a slacker supposed to do?

Current Knitting
I do have a pathetic progress report on my current sock project.

Noro Sock 2 10-24-08

So far, no knots in this ball of Kureyon Sock, but I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up for the second sock will surely not be as knot-free.

I have also done a few rows since the last blog on the stranded knitting sweater, but a progress picture would just look like the last one.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the stranded sweater, Barb B. asks, “Are you doing buttons kind of like a “henley” style?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to describe…thank you.

0 comments on “Okay…What Would You Do?

  1. You are the last person I think of as a slacker!

    I love Noro but I cannot make myself buy the sock yarn. It’s those damn knots! I suppose if I balled up the skein and ran my fingers over each and every inch of yarn…but what to do if I find a knot–and I know I will.

    I want to take time out and thank you for your blog. It is the last one I read each day because I’m the kind of person who saves the best for last. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Thaddeus.

  2. Have you ever stayed a few minutes late or come back/left late for lunch? As an employer, I say if all your work is done, have at the blog!! Better you be happy for the moment then sit there miserable.

  3. Bored? Seems like “close your eyes and think of England” should do the trick. Oops, sorry, that’s advice for quite a different situation (and maybe a mixed metaphor as well!). Maybe “close your eyes and think of Nico” (who has been conspicuous by his absence lately!)?

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