Malabrigo Henry

I’m Totally in LOVE…

…with a yarn called Malabrigo!

Well, At Least The Lace Weight
I decided to fall prey to the pressure-filled concept of having one of my xmas gifts be hand-knitted this year. Someone on Ravelry suggested that “Henry” by Mareike Sattler published in Knitty was a classy man’s scarf. It seemed like the perfect gift for our friend Charles. With a woven look, using a fine-gauge yarn, it would look spectacular, and still have the special quality of being handmade.

I started off using a merino/cashmere blend of yarn I have on a cone, but I didn’t like the gauge, so I restarted using Malabrigo Lace (100% Baby Merino), and I was completely in love.

Malabrigo Henry 12-02-08

This yarn is so soft, and yet it has quite a bit of tensile strength for a one-ply laceweight. It’s make the perfectly warm and soft fabric.

The only downfall to this project is that it takes forever, and I am making it longer than the pattern calls for. Each row on my scarf is 516 stitch and there are 148 rows in the pattern for the scarf. The pictures show that I’m up to row 36 at the moment. Quite a bit more knitting to finish before xmas…well, actually New Year’s Eve, because that’s when we celebrate xmas with Charles.

Amazon Best-Selling Knitting Book
How is it that this book stays at the top of Amazon’s bestselling knitting books?

Stitch n Bitch

Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stoller doesn’t seem to get that much press in the blogs and forums that I read, and yet, it stays on the top of this list and has for quite a while.

I would have thought that Franklin’s bookwould have been a little higher on the list as well…don’t get me wrong…#9 is pretty amazing when you’re up against the ever-popular Stephanie’s library of books…and I guess his book hasn’t been available for quite as long.

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  1. And I almost forgot to mention that scarf! It is truly the most beautiful hand knit scarf I have ever seen. Maybe once the holidays are over, I can start one for me, without feeling guilty. I know I’ll be working on my knitted gifts until Dec. 23.

  2. I just started that scarf today (literally I just wound the skeins of yarn into balls this morning). It looks great, but I’m worried about how much time it will take to make! How did you find it went up to row 36? I won’t be making mine longer, because it is for a short-ish gentleman.

  3. That scarf will be amazing in Malabrigo Lace!! (I love the stuff myself.) IMO, I think the success of the Stoller books is because they seem particularly accessible for new knitters and crocheters, without being completely dumbed-down.

  4. I really admire you, Joe, for knitting a scarf and one out of lace weight. The colour is wonderful. Good luck.
    Ron in Mexico

  5. I now feel slightly less cuckoo for having knit a hat out of laceweight, and I thank you.

    I’ve been sorely tempted by Henry, so I’m looking forward to watching yours develop. You know I basically just wait to see what you knit, and then knit that, too.

  6. Joe, isn’t that akin to being stalked? I think it’s a compliment; one excellent knitter stalking another excellent knitter. Maybe you could take turns!

  7. I have a nice little knitting library with over 50 books and yet my sister just sent me the Stitch ‘n Bitch book for my birthday this week through Amazon. I have just started reading — I like to read every word — and it is very entertaining!

  8. I’m not surprised about S’NB. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for a knitting starter book, I recommend Stitch N Bitch, as it has the clearest directions for starting out and figuring out your beginner mistakes, and also has simple and cool projects.

    Henry looks really nice, and Malabrigo lace is so soft, it should make a lovely scarf.

  9. Delighted to see ‘Henry’ pop up on your knit list. I am totally impressed with your progress since I’ve had ‘Henry’ as a WIP for many months — knitting for a bit on it between other projects, then laying it aside. Great scarf; eager to see pics when you’re done! -John

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