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God I HATE The News

Constant announcements this morning on the mail that Sarah Palin got with a suspicious powder substance.

Playing The Palin Card
I know that Sarah Palin was able to attract huge crowds and that she is very popular…either because she’s well-liked, or because she’s controversial…but for gosh darn sake, could they at least come up with a news story that actually was about her?

The package with the powder (which was determined to be innocuous), wasn’t even sent to Sarah Palin. It was sent to the previous governor of Alaska, as well as some other governer’s.

But since it went to the office of Sarah Palin, the news can shout her names from the rooftops.

And they call me a hit whore!

Current Knitting
I honestly think I could have completed a full Fair Isle sweater in 2XL size with all the knitting I’ve been doing on my current project. I mean folks used to marvel at the fact that I made knitted men’s underwear on small needles, but that was nothing compared to Henry.

Malabrigo Henry 12-09-08

Malabrigo Henry 12-10-08

I have completed over half the scarf, as I’m officially at row 85 (of 168). I really do hope that I’m able to finish this project up by the end of this coming weekend, so I can get back to the stranded knitting pullover.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kerry asks, “How do you find the texture of Henry? I tried it last year but disliked the very firm texture of the scarf, so ripped it out.”

Most woven-like stitch patterns are much more firm than what you’d typically get on the same size yarn and needles. I’m working with a much finer yarn than what’s called for in the Knitty pattern, but I didn’t go down a needle size. The resulting drape and feel of the fabric is very nice.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that scarf would completely drain away my will to live. But then I look again and I hear the little voice in my head say, “ooooh, look how pretty!”

    Why yes, I do hear voices in my head… don’t you?

  2. I’m only on row 13 partially due to severely limited knitting time and because I have tinked about half of the rows at least once. I keep hoping it will be get easier to keep the rhythm without getting distracted enough to make a mistake soon! You are doing really well to be as far along as you, because you are knitting yours longer than I am (thank goodness my FIL is on the shorter side)!

  3. I’ve been lurking for about a week and have yet to introduce myself. I’m a thirty-something knitter/student/cat-wrangler. I love your blog and I intend to keep reading in a non-stalker-like fashion.

    As for your Henry. I admire your perserverance. I have a chronic finishing problem. My husband once told me I have more UFOs than a Science Fiction convention in downtown Roswell.

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