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This is another area of life that I know too little about to have an informed opinion.

Uninformed Opinion
So…here’s what I think should be done.

Who gained most by having the U.S. auto industry focus mostly on large SUV’s, CUV’s and pick-up trucks?

Who bought patents for electric cars and cars that use gas in extremely efficient ways, and then refused to let those cars be made?

Who has been getting annual bailouts in the form of subsidies from out government and still makes profits in the billions?

Yes…the oil companies. Why doesn’t Detroit go to them for their bailout? They’ve been bedfellows for decades now, and one is doing extremely well, while the other is struggling. Seems like the perfect solution that the car companies should go to the companies that they supported all these years and ask for help before asking the American people to pony up.

Current Knitting
In my last blog entry, I mentioned that I hoped to finish the red Henry scarf sometime this past weekend. I can’t imagine what I was thinking.

Malabrigo Henry 12-09-08

I’m up to row 118 with a total of 50 rows left to complete.

It is going faster as the rhythm gets easier and easier and even when I get drowsy while knitting, I’m not making mistakes that require tinking.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Twinsetellen writes, “Knit men’s underwear? I need this pattern. I’ll check your Ravelry projects, but if it isn’t there, please do tell!”

I already sent Ellen this information, but the pattern for the men’s underwear are in the left frame of my blog. There’s even a picture of me modeling the results somewhere in the history of the blog…February 2004?…I think…yes, here it is…god, I used to look good.

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  1. You’re right, the oil companies have alot to answer for, and should be helping out the Big 3. But I’m still mad at the auto makers for trying to pawn off mediocre engineering, corporate greed, and lousy business practices on American consumers and still expecting welfare.

    Henry looks fantastic, but I think I am not a swift or careful enough knitter to manage such an undertaking. I’m in awe.

  2. I’ve held that opinion for a while. You find out tidbits here and there, but it seems like they refuse to let the FULL story out of what has been happening to the alternative fuel resource based vehicles for a long while now. It would be nice to see the oil companies pay for this crime committed against the American public (slowly eroding us? from labor unions to environment to our economy…). But the liklihood of that happening? I honestly don’t forsee it in the direct future.

  3. Hi Joe:

    Good answer on the bailout question. Considering the fact that the oil companies are the only ones who have money in this economy, it seems fitting that they would be expected to bail out the Big 3.

    However, we as Americans do need to look at ourselves. We were the ones buying big gas-guzzling SUV’s instead of more energy efficient vehicles and we should have as a nation insisted on “greener” automobiles. It seems like everyone was happy to have an SUV until the average price for
    regular unleaded reached $4.00 per gallon.

    P.S.: I did get a good look at you modeling the knitted underwear. Hoo Boy do you look good!!

  4. Jos, hen, you are handsome and cool every day of every year.
    Must say, though, I never get tired of that gitch shot.

    Oh, and your fix the economy idea– brilliant and sensible.

  5. I am a little surprised by Henry myself. I kept expecting to need to tink back each row, but I’m about 30 rows in and I’m finally feeling the rhythm well enough to just go. Of course, each row is still about 20-30 minutes for me, so it is not going to be done for Christmas. More the pity!

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