Malabrigo Henry 12-24-08

Merry Xmas

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday.

Some 2009 Changes
Folks will notice some changes to the blog. First, I added the Twitter widget. Not sure how much I’ll be using this feature, but I figured I could always delete it if it got annoying.

I also changed how comments are coming in by using a commenting function from Tychoish called “disqus” – again, not sure how well it will work, so that may get jettisoned as well if I don’t like it.

And just to keep the blog fresh, I’ll be adding a new feature soon with a daily mugshot animation.

Current Knitting
Well, I finished row 168 and then realized I had 3 more rows to do before starting a ridiculously complex tubular bind-off.

Malabrigo Henry 12-24-08

You’ll note I’ve only bound off a few inches so far. Anyone who’s thinking about doing Henry might want to actually try practicing the last 3 rows of the pattern and the bind-off on a swatch before doing it on their prize scarf that they’ve worked weeks on. First of all, the pattern description of the last three rows is wrong (I think)…specifically the last two rows. The numbers just don’t add up. And then the description of the bind-off is practically incomprehensible.

I committed to a specific way of doing the bind-off, and will complete it consistently. It’s looking fine, but I have no idea if it’s what the designer meant.

New Book

Has anyone see this relatively new book yet?

Knitting Goes Large


Need a Men’s Version
Just noticed Knitting Goes Large: 20 Designs to Flatter Your Figure
by Sharon Brant, Wendy Baker, Jennie Atkinson, and Martin Storey was now available. The 20 designs are just for women, but I bet a lot of knitters would like to have a similar book published with tips and patterns to flatter the stout male.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
PuffTheMagicRabbit writes, “The scarf is looking great- bet those last 10 rows will be the longest, though. And that roving you got is gorgeous (but mines prettier- na na na na na na)”

Actually you’re wrong on both counts. The last 10 rows flew off the needles, and I’m sorry to say, that CLEARLY Carol sent me the nicest of the batch. But I guess I should be nice to Mindy, because she just starting working at a new fiber processing mill and she will probably be working on some of my fleeces in the future. I can’t tell you how envious I am of her.

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