Malabrigo Henry Done 1

All Caught Up

Well…not quite…but at least most of the Christmas celebrating is over and I’ve even caught up on my sleep.

One More To Go
Each New Years Eve, we celebrate Christmas with our friend Charles. It entails an early dinner at a nice restaurant and exchanging gifts. This will require that I wrap the completed Henry scarf before tomorrow sometime.

This year, I wasn’t feeling overly joyous as the holidays approached, and I didn’t send out many cards or gifts. I’m feeling quite a bit better now, so I figure I could send out personal notes to the folks that were thoughtful enough to send their greetings. Most years, the cards and/or obligatory gifts seem so impersonal to me, but this year, many of the folks that sent me cards or gave gifts were quite personal and thoughtful.

Current Knitting
Finally finished the bind-off on the Henry scarf, and the scarf is ready for gifting. I don’t know that I’d really recommend this scarf. The result is a lovely scarf, and using the Malabrigo, it’s luxuriously soft. However, I’m not sure the effort is worth the result. Here are some final pictures.

Malabrigo Henry Done 1

If folks do decide to make this scarf, I would HIGHLY recommend using someone else’s description of the tubular bind-off. I wasn’t able to decipher the one published in the Knitty pattern, and I know what I did isn’t a tubular bind-off, although it looks fine. I wish I had used the TechKnitter’s version of the tubular bind off, which makes much more sense to me.

Daily Mug Shot
I saw the Daily Mug Shot widget on Sean’s blog, and decided I must have it. If I’m able to keep updating it, I’ll keep it…otherwise, it’ll be toast.

– It never occurred to me that quickly changing photo montages, like my Daily Mug might have an effect on folks with epilepsy. I’ve decided to keep updating the Daily Mug shot, but to remove the widget from my left frame. Thanks to those that mentioned this.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
About the new comments functionality, AliceQ writes, “PS Disqus doesn’t like the URL for my Livejournal knitting posts.”

I looked at my settings to see if there was any changes I could make that might affect this, and there didn’t seem to be any. I also looked in the help functionality and there was nothing about this. If folks have other issues like this that become annoying, let me know and I’ll got back to the old commenting through Blogger.

Knitchick Paris writes, “I have a question that has been on my mind…. your retirement calendar caught my eye. Do you hate your job? Just a question!”

Not at all…I actually quite like what I do. I may even continue to do some freelance work after I formally retire as long as the opportunity looks good. Retirement means not having to work in my mind.

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