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Way Too Many “Connections”

I’ve been around in the on-line community for quite a while, but I think there are way too many ways to connect to family, friends and coworkers on the web anymore.

Stop Inviting Me
It seems a day doesn’t go by when I don’t get some invitation to add a friend to Facebook, or where I get an update on the new LinkedIn members from my company, or a question about who’s been asking about me on

Jeez…I’m not a very introverted person and I like people, but this is getting ridiculous.

Add Blogger, Twitter, DailyMugShot, Ravelry, etc., etc., etc. I would have to give up my day job, stop going out socially, and reduce my blogging to one day a week, just to keep up with all the on-line activity required in staying connected.

Is there going to be a new Matrix movie that shows this was the transition period from living humans to matrix-like brainwaves?

Current Knitting
I’m making sufficient progress on my stranded sweater now that have the collar part graphed out.

Stranded Sweater 01-02-09

And here’s a close-up of the neck detail. It looks kinda crappy since it’s not blocked yet and the steek section obviously won’t show.

Stranded Sweater 01-02-09 Neck Close


But I am starting to worry about how I will handle the sleeve patterning. I think I may just do something a bit more simple on the arms, like a simple column of diamonds and half-diamonds up the center of the arm. We’ll have to see how it goes.

Current Reading
Finally just finished Debt of Honor, by Tom Clancy

Debt of Honner

Just started a new book that I got for Christmas. As usual, I’ll discuss it once I finish it.

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