Your marketing sucks Amazon

Sprint Sucks

One of my favorite google tips is when you want to find out bad things about a company, put the name of the company followed by sucks and put it all in double quotes.

Creating a Google Search
My blog title is just in case there weren’t enough hits on “sprint sucks”.

I have had cell phone service with Sprint for a long time now. Two years ago, I renewed a two year contract and added Thaddeus on so he could have a cell phone in case of an emergency. My bill went up about as much as I would have expected it to, but I didn’t really look at the detail. That was a mistake.

Fast-forward two years and it’s December 2009. I’m looking at my November bill (which is the last month of the 2-year contract) and I see a charge in the detail called “Vision Pack” for $15. I call Sprint to find out what this charge is. It allows me to send pictures taken on my cell phone to others via text messages or e-mail. I hadn’t requested this service, so I asked how long it had been on my bill.

Turns out I had been paying for this unused service for 2 years and I never saw it.

I requested a refund for the $360 plus all taxes and I was told that they could only go back 3 months. No matter who I spoke with, the most I could get was about $55 refunded. Even though I never requested the service, nor did I ever use it.

I know this is one of the caveat emptor things, and I should have reviewed my monthly bill more carefully, but I still felt cheated, and the customer service folks at Sprint are dreadfully bad…at least the ones I spoke with.

Suffice it to say, I’m now a customer of AT&T wireless and so far, I’m quite happy.

Current Knitting
Stranded knitting and secret knitting…knitting my chubby little fingers to the bone.

Stranded Sweater 01-03-09

And here’s a picture of the back of the sweater so far, just so folks don’t think this is one of those casket sweaters that only look good from the front!

Stranded Sweater 01-03-09 Back

I only have about 3 more inches of the body to do before I start on the sleeves.

Flea Market Find
A vendor at the local flea market had a slew of needlepoint books, but since I don’t do needlepoint, I was only interested in this one.

Glorious Needlepoint

This is Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Needlepoint, which is just stunning to look at. I already knew what an incredible artist he is, but seeing it in another medium made it even more amazing to me.

I picked up my copy for US$3.00, which seems pretty good, even based on the used prices on Amazon.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Kenny writes, “I have a lace Neibling question for you. I am now starting lyra and it’s going pretty well, except that I stumbled upon some discussion that on the “intermediate” rounds, you actually should twist the twisted stitches.

How do you do yours? What’s the best way?”

I have responded directly to Kenny on these questions. I just do plain knit on the “rest rows” except for knitting into double yarn-overs where I do a knit and then a purl. Some folks feel that if the pattern calls for a twisted stitch on the working row, you should untwist that stitch on the resting row…I don’t agree and like the texture/tightness of the twisted stitch.

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