Graham Norton

I Love Graham Norton

I pay a fortune for cable T.V., but at least it gets me the BBC channel and gay talk show host, Graham Norton. I actually find myself chortling loudly when I watch him

Did You See Brendan Fraser?
If you get to see the Graham Norton show, you might have caught the week that he had on Brendan Fraser and Martina Navratilova.

Both Thaddeus and I were convinced that Fraser was drunk or high or both. He stood out in stark contrast to the VERY sober Navratilova.

I always loved Brendan Fraser, but I had trouble even watching him do this show.

Current Knitting
Well, I’ve finished the body of the stranded knitting pullover and next up comes steeking.

Stranded Sweater 01-10-09 Reverse

I’ve also included a picture of the reverse side because some folks seem to like it…not sure why…I do make sure I don’t do floats any longer than three stitches long, and I typically weave in most of my ends.

It actually took quite a bit of concentration to complete the shoulder slant shaping and the neck opening using short rows, so I was glad to have made it through one more difficult part of designing on the needles.

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