Isager Classic Knits

New Books on Pre-Order

I just put in my pre-order for two new Mariane Isager books – Classic Knits
and Japanese Inspired Knits.

Isager Classic Knits

Can’t Get Enough
Friend Kathy told me about Isager years ago and I order as many of her Danish books as I could get my hands on. She quickly became one of my three favorite knit designers and I even ended up trading some American books to someone in Norway for a copy of a Danish book…it got so complicated.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to find out Interweave Press is publishing two books of her design collection in English and in the states.

Mark my words…Isager is soon going to be bigger than Alice Starmore was during her best of times.

Current Knitting
I should probably include a progress picture of my current sweater to show the cover design of the Knitting Out of Africa book by Isager, but the “progress” is hardly noticeable. I did about 2 more inches on the first sleeve, and if you compared a picture from today with the last blog post picture, you could tell, but it’s just not worth the effort.

Probably not even worth the effort of having written all that!

Readers’ Comments/Questions
JellyDonut back-pedals with the following comment, “I AM sure the quality of your work keeps the frogging down to a minimum; therefore, you finish your work faster than those who hurry along and end up with mistakes to be dealt with. Am I right?”

I’m not sure. On simple projects, I don’t usually frog, but I certainly do on lace projects and even sometimes when I just realize the shaping didn’t work (for instance I frogged back the neck/shoulder shaping a couple of times on my current sweater). But I’m not sure if I frog more of less than most people…probably about average. But Seanna Lee is exactly correct in that I knit all the time, so my finishing rate is fast even if my actual knitting isn’t.

John asks, “Have those Knit Picks circulars ever come apart on you? I saw it happen to a friend. Not where the needle is attached but where the purple cord is attached to the metal.”

No…never. In fact, I’ve had more problems with Addi Turbos than I have with KnitPicks’ Harmony needles. I hope your friends experience was just an anomaly.

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