Urinal Shake

Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

With all the hands-free options in public bathrooms these days, I’m surprised their aren’t any urinal attachments that shake it for you after you’re finished.

But Then Again
If they worked as well as the hands-free soap dispensers, it would be more like a handjob than a shake.

My current client workplace has soap dispensers that are set at such a high sensitivity level that they practically squirt soap whenever a shadow moves through the bathroom. They must go through an amazing amount of hand soap in a day, because during a standard hand wash in the men’s room where I wash my hands, the soap dispenser squirts at least four times during the rinse cycle alone. Add to that the one squirt I get on purpose and multiply times two hand washings a day, that’s 10 soap squirts just for me. A ridiculous waste.

Personally, I blame it on the germophobes, who have taken over public restrooms. Hands-free flushing, hands-free faucets, hands-free soap, hands-free paper towels, and then grab the door handle covered in fecal matter from the the jerk who just left after poo-ing without washing his hands.

Current Knitting
Just have to do one or two more quick measurements of the sleeve length before binding off the ribbing stitches on the first sleeve of the stranded pullover.

Stranded Sweater 02-09-09

I was honestly hoping to have already started on the second sleeve, but I had a little mishap with the secret project that required me to frog back almost half of the work I had done. Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to post about that project.

New Yarn Acquisition
I noticed that Kenny got some new yarn at Beaverslide Dry Goods, so I decided to order some of their organic wool.

Beaverslide Organic Wool

Leanne at the farm was very helpful and described the wool exactly right. It’s a mixture of different breeds from a local farm. I’d call it a dense worsted weight yarn. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it yet, but I did swatch it to see how it handled ribbing and stockinette stitch.

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