Hotel Room Bed runners

Hotel Etiquette

It seems that even folks that stay in hotels often seem to have no idea how to behave in rooms that are far less than soundproof.

A Little Consideration Please
For the last 12 years, I have spent approximately half my life in a hotel room. Typically the least classy accommodations I book are the level of Spring Hill Suites or Hilton Garden Inn, but on average, my stays are usually at full service, chain hotels, like a Marriott or a Hilton.

Since I’ve been staying at my current hotel for a few years now, they give me the same room each week when I check in. It makes it a little bit convenient that I don’t have to remember my room number on a week-to-week basis. The one lousy part is that it has a door connecting me to the room next to mine, and the sound from one room travels easily into the next when theirs an adjoining door. And even worse, for the last two weeks, there have been two different women staying in the room next to me who stay up later than me and talk loudly until well after I like to be asleep.

This week’s neighbor has shared way too much about her and her significant other’s personal finances in phone calls that are easy to hear.

Suffice it to say, earplugs have become a necessity.

But in case you find yourself being an amateur hotel stayer, or you’re one of those thoughtless people that sometimes stay in the room next to me, these might be some of the things you’d want to consider:

– Moderate the volume on your television after 9:00 pm and before 7:00 am to the lowest level that allows you to still hear it.
– When you talk on your cell phone, it doesn’t require you to yell (there are still those who think you do)
– Having a cell phone conversation while walking up and down the halls annoys everyone on the floor.
– The wall between your room and the one next to you makes louder noises on the other side when you throw things like your purse or luggage against it.

Current Knitting
I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately…at least for non-weekend time and I’m happy with my progress.

Stranded Sweater 02-11-09

This shows that in addition to finishing the cuff of the first sleeve, I also picked up stitches for the second sleeve and I’ve actually gotten up to the end of the first full diamond (of 13).

Next Project
I really need to get back to some lace knitting. I have some great laceweight from Briar Rose Fibers, in dark colors that I’m thinking would make a great scarf/shawl/wrap for me. And I’d like to do something in a Niebling design. I’m considering even bastardizing one of my existing Niebling patterns to make a rectangular knitted piece.

I need to give this more thought.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Teresa writes, “If you think its bad when a man doesn’t wash his hands after going to the potty, it’s even worse when a woman doesn’t wash hers…Yuck!”

I have heard a few women say this, and I never understood. From a biological standpoint, women don’t even have to touch any part of their body while going to the bathroom, while most men have do. Am I missing something?

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