The Stimulus Package

I’m shocked that no one has come up with a gay porn title called “The Stimulus Package.”

My Favorite Part
One of the things I love most about the recent passing and signing of the expenditure of billions of dollars, is I get to hear the Republican naysayers telling us how awful it is to leave this debt on our children and grandchildren.

Uh…hate to tell you, but they were already in hock up to their freakin’ ears because of your mighty redumblican who sat in the White House for 8 years and spent more than any Democrat in that same position.

It just amazes me that for 8 years, the Republicans approved spending measure after spending measure with more pork than a Hatfield factory, and only now do they come out claiming Obama won’t be bi-partisan.

I give our current president enormous credit for being able to hold back a big Dick Cheney “Fuck You.” Obama has a lot more composure than I would given the same circumstances.

Perhaps if we tell the naysayers that this stimulus package is the only possible way they’re be able to leave their millions to their children and still be able to lead a privileged life, despite the burden of a ridiculous national debt.

Current Knitting
I am happy to say that I have kept up the same pace of my knitting for the latest sleeve and it is well over halfway finished.

Stranded Sweater 02-18-09

This shows me up to the 8th diamond of 13 on the sleeve pattern. And the sleeve will have fewer and fewer stitches as I progress toward the cuff. Looks like I may even be finished with this sweater by the weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
First of all, thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on both the 1,000th blog post and Thaddeus’ birthday. It never ceases to surprise me when there’s such an expression of support from y’all. Thanks.

Formerly No-Blog Rachel writes, “I was kind of hoping you’d list the asshats and nutjobs.”

I couldn’t have possibly remembered them all, and it would have taken a VERY long post to list even the ones I did remember.

Jelly Donut asks, “A question about the photos you posted today–did you make the sweaters you are wearing?”

Yes. The top one was a mitered square design I did using Noro Silk Garden. I knit it before I started writing the blog, but mentioned it in the third blog entry. The bottom photo I’m wearing the red pullover vest I completed in July of last year.

Amy R. writes, “…pretty please could you post a link to a former picture?”

Look at the first couple of posts in November of last year…you’ll see what he (and I) looked like when we first met and at our 25th anniversary. There’s another one with Carol S. from April of last year.

Rachel writes, “Ass-hats? I have never heard this term before. I have heard and used plenty of others, maybe an east coast thing?”

My boss used to use this term a lot, and I don’t really even know what it means…but it can’t be good, so I like it…oh wait…here’s a good definition.

Finally, Sue asks, “Have you considered a hotel that is designed for long-term stays, such as a Residence Inn, or one of the “suite” hotels?”

Yes, I’ve stayed in a few of them, but since I usually only stay 3 nights in a hotel each week, it’s more expensive to rent it for the entire month. Besides, most full service hotels allow me to store things with the bell captain.

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