Stranded Sweater Done6

How Do Actors and Models Do It?

Constantly putting themselves in front of a camera and appearing before lots of people…and most importantly…still look good.

Strand Sweater Photo Shoot
I was able to finish up the last parts of the stranded knitting pullover, including the last inch of ribbing, weaving in ends and blocking.

Here are some pictures, in no specific order.

Stranded Sweater Done2 Stranded Sweater Done1


I’d like to believe it’s just bad photography skills, but I have to be realistic…it’s largely bad modeling skills. Even Franklin couldn’t make me look good in photos.

American Knitters Only

Kyle has been an indefatigable proponent of guys who knit, and he’s now asking for help from any American Knitters that have a minute or two.

Please Take the Survey
Please take Kyle’s survey. He’s just begun gathering massive amounts of data for a book that’s been kicking around in his head for a while now:

Kyle’s Survey for American Knitters

Thanks to anyone who takes the time.

Current Knitting
I plan on working on my second secret project for the rest of this week. I’ve got a lot of work that needs to get done on it and I’ve devoted not time to it at all in the last few weeks.

Current Reading
I just noticed a new book/cd on weight loss through hypnosis, and got excited about it, because I think I’m very open to hypnotic suggestion. The book is I Can Make You Thin (Book and CD) by Paul McKenna.

I Can Make You Thin

When I mentioned it to some of my coworkers, one of them said she had the book/cd with her, so I got to sample it before buying. Suffice it to say, I now own it.
I even went out last night and bought a small MP3 player so I can lull myself to sleep with Paul McKenna’s voice each night.

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