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It’s been difficult getting a new project started…at least one I can post on the blog.

Monsoons, Pestilence and Sickness
Okay, so it was just a silly snow storm, and there was no pestilence. But I was sick all this weekend with what seemed like the flu, or at least a bad cold.

Despite all that, I tried starting two different lace designs, and I hated them both. I was only into them about an hour each, so it wasn’t a lot of wasted time, but it was frustrating.

Other than one (somewhat tedious) secret project, I really have no knitting to speak of on the needles that I’m currently working on.

I’m honestly not sure what I want to work on next.

I did find a just-started-sock on the needles that I don’t even remember having started and worked a couple of rows on that.

Current Knitting Purchases
I did get a couple of packages in the mail last week…both of them I adore.

The first one was from Carol at Black Bunny Fiber:

BBF Corriedale Cormo Water Lilies

This gorgeous roving is hand-dyed by Carol in amazingly rich colors but the breed is quite interesting…it’s wool from a crossbreed of Cormo and Corriedale. The colorway is called Water Lily, but it’s much nicer than Monet’s crappy pictures.

The second package was from A Verb to Keep Warm…the fiber business mentioned in the most recent YKnit podcast.

Verb Silk Laceweight

This is a lovely laceweight silk yarn that I can’t wait to use for something.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding my posting of a weight loss book, Carol asks, “If this Paul McKenna is so great a hypnotist, why can’t he hypnotize himself to grow more hair?”

He did, but decided he looked MUCH hotter without it, so re-hypnotized himself to lose it again…look at the second book listed in the Paul McKenna link…he was right…he is MUCH hotter without it.

Marilyn writes, “I gotta ask you, as one consultant to another: When the fuck do you have the time to get so much knitting done? Is it the four days a week in a hotel room?”

I do get some knitting done in the hotel, and when I fly I knit on planes, but most of my knitting gets done at home in front of the television or listening to the radio.

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