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Maximum Acceleration
Last week, I couldn’t even get enough knitting content together to come up with a decent blog, and in a few short days, I’ve come up with a load of stuff.

I’ve started a new knitting project, I met up with knit-friend Lorraine (FiberNinja in comments), and I’ve made some headway on my secret project.

Current Knitting
After a few halted attempts at starting a lace project, I finally wound up a ball of the silk laceweight from A Verb for Keeping Warm, and chose a new Niebling lace pattern.

After the initial “swatch” of 25 rounds, I really liked how it was looking

Le Soir Dor 03-07-09

So I completed another 25 rounds, and now I’ve got 50 rounds done.

Le Soir Dor 03-08-09

The pattern is by Herbert Niebling, and it was originally called Federdolde (which I have no idea what that means), but I’m using the Ichida lace book version, which is called Le Soir d’Or (which I do know what the means…Evening of Gold…but I like how Babelfish translates it…”The Evening d’ However”…hmmmm). Anyway…here’s the graphic from the book, so you can see what this will eventually become.

Le Soir Dor Graphic

Anyway, I’m finding the knitting is going quite smoothly on this pattern so far. I’ll keep you posted.

Fiber Friend Dinner
I got the chance to go into Philadelphia for dinner last week to have a fantastic dinner of Korean food with Loraine. She’s going through a relocation, and was up in Philadelphia for some Tae Kwan Do stuff (she’s close to getting her black belt, so don’t fuck with her).

In addition to having a wonderful time catching up, she also gifted me with this lovely jug ‘o angora that she harvested personally.


I can’t describe to you how soft and silky this stuff is.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the laceweight silk I just started using, JellyDonut writes, “That silk is gorgeous! Who is it?”

It’s one of the silk laceweights hand-dyed using natural dyes by a company called “A Verb for Keeping Warm.” I heard about the shop on the latest Y-Knit Podcast and I just had to have some…I’m quite glad I did.

Expat-On-The-Go writes, “Joe, where are you? Miss you…”

Thanks Brigitt…it’s nice to be missed. The chest cold I had last week made it difficult to concentrate on a new project, so I really didn’t have much to blog about.

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