Kindle 2

How Can You Decide?

I love the idea of the latest Kindle 2.0, but making purchasing decisions about technology always perplexes me.

All Signs Point to Yes…Except
Okay…what could be better?

The ability to purchase an extensive library of books directly on-line for mostly around $10 per book and download them without any cost to our forests (the savings in book purchases alone would make up for the cost of the Kindle in a year for me). The Kindle keeps your place without dog-earing a page…it allows you to highlight, notate in the margins, look up words in the dictionary, search text, view graphics (in B&W), load work documents from you computer…jiminy, the thing will even read a book to you if you want it to.

Having seen this small dynamo, I was all ready to get one, and then a co-worker said that their husband thought I should wait till they made it touch-screen.


I don’t know about you, but I am paralyzed by these kinds of decisions.

Current Knitting
I made it through the next 10 rounds of Le Soir d’Or over the last couple of days.

Le Soir Dor 03-25-09

A couple of things I like about this picture. First of all, if you look at the ball of yarn on the left, you can see the luster of this silk yarn…if I could only get an accurate picture of the slight variations in color. Second, I love how the flowers are going to look in the final blocked version of this lace.

Overall, this has been one of the easier Nieblings I’ve done. There are some Niebling aficionados that aren’t a big fan of the textured criss-cross stitches used in the flower, and others that don’t really like the hex-mesh. Personally, I find both rather easy to knit. This design has both, but it’s also symmetric, so it’s easy to keep track of the pattern design.

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