Two Lovers

Great Movie

If his latest movie, “Two Lovers” really is Joaquin Phoenix’s last movie, he will end his film career on a very high note.

Two Thumbs Up
Thaddeus and I had the chance to go see Two Lovers this past weekend and we were both extremely enamored with the movie…specifically Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. I’ve honestly never seen someone convey a sense of such intimacy and closeness on a movie screen before.

I don’t normally recommend movies, because obviously people’s tastes vary considerably…so I won’t recommend this one either. However, if you’ve seen my list of 100 top movies (in order of how much I like them…1st is the best…etc.), and you think we might have similar taste in movies, you should definitely go see Two Lovers

Current Knitting
I continued to push along on Le Soir d’Or and made my way up to Round 136.

Le Soir Dor 03-29-09

I thought I’d do a couple of closeups of the lace to give you a Joaquin-like intimacy with it. The first one is the big flower motif.

Le Soir Dor 03-29-09 Close 2

And the second one is the some of the leaves…I left my finger in the picture to give it some sense of scale.

Le Soir Dor 03-29-09 Close 1

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Thanks everyone for you comments and thoughts on the Kindle. It definitely helped me to decide that it was a good thing to own.

Dana asks, “Which Ichida book is the lace from? I have a friend that loves it, so I’d like to get the book and knit it for him. He wants a shawl for his sister.”

It’s the second one…the white one by Naoko Ichida called “Knitted Lace Designs Of The Modern Mode, Bk 2, Naoko Ichida”…Lacis has it on their crappy web site here. You will definitely have to use a thicker yarn and needle to get this to shawl-size.

Kelly writes, “One question: what are the Neibling pieces used for? Are they strictly display pieces or used as decorative tablecloths or throws?”

For me they are only decorative…so far. I’m thinking about doing one of these designs in a yarn and needle size large enough to make a shawl, but we’ll see.

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