Mohair Nightmare 2

Is Mohair Good For Anything?

Mohair Nightmare

You can check out this web site for more atrocities in mohair (if you haven’t seen enough already).

Speaking of Atrocities
This past weekend, Thaddeus asked me if I wanted to see “Marley And Me” since it was coming out on DVD this week. I decided not to…I like both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie just looked too repulsive even to watch for free.

Thaddeus made the mistake of watching it at the video store, and described to me the movie and all I can say is that if you enjoyed this movie, you most definitely wouldn’t want to go see “Two Lovers“, the movie I wrote about in my last blog entry.

Current Knitting
I had to make an executive decision on my latest project. I was making amazing progress, and got up to around the 142nd round, when I noticed some new stitches appearing on the graphic at about round 146 from no where…no increases or yarnovers to make these stitches…I assumed it was just an error in the pattern.

I soon realized I was supposed to have started increasing (based on a different graphic that I thought I didn’t need) way back on round 132 or something.

There was no way I was going to unknit 10 rounds of knitting…no way. I realized that I could easily fudge the design a little by unknitting only 4 rows (at about 800 stitches per round) and make up for the missing increases. I decide this option was the best option and I’ve made my way back up to round 145.

Le Soir Dor 04-01-09

Sorry, pictures are getting more and more difficult to take of this beauty.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Seanna Lee writes, “So, are you sure that you don’t want to upsize the needles and yarn and make a Neibling blanket?”

I’m actually not sure if Seanna Lee is being sarcastic, so I apologize if I write an earnest answer in response to question she was just joking about. But, I don’t think most of Niebling’s designs would make good blankets…too holey. Shawls, yes…tablecloths, yes…blankets, no.

Barb B. writes, “Humpf. Kelly, Joe has said if I make there for high tea in the English tradition, he will put the cloths out on the table.”

That is completely true…and I will look for any other particularly special occasions to use these pieces…I will however need a little bit of notice if I actually have to server proper high tea…I’ll have to find one of those three tiered serving dishes so I can serve the biscuits.

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