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Reader Tracy started a global map on Platial of local yarn stores on a global basis. Shop global, knit local is my motto.

Some Recent Shopping
I had to make a jaunt to Twist (it’s on the map in New Hope, PA), my local yarn store recently, and picked up a few items.

The first is just a few new hanks of Cascade 220…I’ve tried numerous other felting wools, and this one is still by far the most reliable with a wide range of colors.

Cascade 220 Twist

I plan on using this to make a couple of pairs of felted clog slippers…one pair for me, since mine are falling apart.

I also picked up some fascinating sock yarn.

Sock Yarn New

I have no idea what the brand or the fiber content is, and it’s at home and I am not…but I loved the colors….pretty colors…~purr~

Finally, I bought a copy of the reprinted book, The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Opinionated Knitter

I’ve never been a huge fan of EZ’s patterns, but I enjoy the history that this book provides and I’ve always wanted the pattern for the Surprise Jacket, in case I ever decide to make one.

It just seems this is a required book to own if you’re a knitter…no?

Current Knitting
I returned to the Niebling lace (although I did do a little more work on the Supreme Merino Possum sock as well).

Le Soir Dor 04-15-09

This is up to round 178, and as all Niebling lace knitters know, the final rounds of his designs always get bigger and often get more complex.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat next month, Mindy asks, “How are all the plans going- everything falling into place?”

I just spoke with Ted last night, the co-coordinator and we both agreed things have gone incredibly smoothly this year. You can’t imagine how amazing the group of guys that goes to the event is, and every time I send out an agenda, or requests, I get at least a dozen notes of thanks from the guys. Last year, I lost more hours of sleep worrying about the event than I care to admit…this year, I may have lost one or two, but mostly it was because my mind races with ideas about it, but not from worry. Thanks for asking…Thaddeus is fed up with me talking incessantly about it.

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